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09-16-2012, 11:02
Shot from Gen4 Glock 35 over a Chrony F-1. I always run a few factory rounds through the Chrono just to make sure it's reading correctly. All loads used new Winchester brass, Win SP primers and loaded to 1.130". All numbers are averages.

The only book loads I could find were for 200gr and 165gr. Others listed I came up with after some number crunching. All shot extremely well and it's a fine powder for full power .40.

7.7gr 200gr Nos JHP = 1065 fps (surprisingly mild recoil) Note: this load averaged 975 fps from 3" Kahr CM40

9gr 180gr FMJ = 1192 fps (extreme spread = 3 fps!!) Note: this load averaged 1098 fps from 3" Kahr CM40

10gr 165gr FMJ = 1266 fps (.2gr off book max) Note: this load averaged 1155 fps from 3" Kahr CM40

10.5gr 155gr Rem JHP = 1365 fps Note: this load averaged 1235 fps from 3" Kahr CM40.

12gr Nos 135grJHP = 1530 fps

All were very consistent and brass looked good. Slight bulge in case (For G35, no bulge in Kahr bbl) but no worse than any factory load I've ever fired through it. Recoil not that bad with 3N38. Powders Like Power Pistol and Longshot recoil more and don't give numbers as good.

09-16-2012, 11:22
I have seen some impress load data in the past for that powder in .40. Near 10mm stuff out of a .40. Your testing seems to confirm it as a pretty darn good powder.

09-16-2012, 19:31
Thanks Steve, and it's very clean burning as well. Very good powder IMHO

09-16-2012, 19:35
Are those Max loads?

09-16-2012, 21:02
The only max load was the 7.7gr 200gr and I know it's not good practice per say, but it felt like it could have went higher...even to 8gr I'd say, but that's my guess only.

Brass looked great in the stock bbl and recoil was just fine. I will correct the data, but I actually used win sp primers instead. I normally use CCI's but I was reusing some brass I had from pulled factory bullets.

A few years ago I did run the max on 165's and got a good bit over 1300 fps from a G35, but I think I was using JHP's then.

09-16-2012, 21:26
That is better then my Max load of Power Pistol. I know others push PP harder. Makes me wonder why I own a 10mm.

09-17-2012, 08:30
That is better then my Max load of Power Pistol. I know others push PP harder. Makes me wonder why I own a 10mm.

Yeap something about 3N38 makes it ideal for higher power .40's.

But I have to say Power Pistol is an all time favorite of mine. I clocked some of those too out of the G35 and CM40:

7.2gr PP w/180gr averaged 1015 out of the little Kahr (got 1143 out of the G35)

6.3gr PP pushed a 200gr Nosler JHP to 905 fps avg from CM40

9gr PP w/155 JHP averaged 1195 from the CM40 and...

8gr PP w/165gr averaged 1125 from the 3" CM40

It does real well in the 10mm too, but 8.5gr pushes a 180gr @ 1205 from my G20sf while 7.2 pushes a 180gr @ 1143 from the G35. Over a 1gr less powder used and only about 50fps slower.

09-17-2012, 10:16
Those are some high number.

09-17-2012, 14:25
I used it a lot in the Super when I shot open. Making Major was easy and it had a lot of gas to power the comp.