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Police Marksman
09-16-2012, 16:19
I am looking for a good hunting load for the Glock 20.

Has anyone had any luck with the Hornaday 180 XTP and 11gr. of Bluedot?

09-16-2012, 16:30
I am looking for a good hunting load for the Glock 20.

Has anyone had any luck with the Hornaday 180 SXT and 11gr. of Bluedot?

COR-BON 10mm Auto 200 gr Hunting Penetrator 20/box

09-16-2012, 18:29
11.0 is going to be pretty stout, but shouldn't be a problem. Please work up to that carefully. I have loaded up to the Hornady max of 10.7 grains of BD under a 180 XTP. Groups well and chronies about 1225 fps in my stock G20 barrel. I use a CCI 300 for that.

I haven't hunted with it, but I see know reason why it wouldn't cleanly take a deer or smaller animal.

09-17-2012, 15:51
My favorite is 10.5 blue dot under the 180 XTP, always using a Winchester WLP primer. Chronographs right on the dot 1300 FPS from my 6 inch LW barrel. I sappouse you could work up to 11, 11 grains blue dot yields 1385 FPS with other 180 grainers ive tried. Work up to it carefully if you feel the need for more speed. Don't forget the XTP 180 is going to produce more pressure then a lot of other brands 180 gr do to longer bearing surface, the book max for that one from hornady is 10.7

09-19-2012, 17:26
I hope this adds to this thread...

I've only loaded a couple loads with Nosler bullets, they are older bullets, JHP Trophy Grade. I don't think they make them anymore. I think they are now replaced with the Sporting Handgun bullets, they look very simlar. I have only loaded 135's and 150's using Unique and Blue Dot respectively with Nosler loading data starting with minimum loads.

The 135 Grain was pretty accurate, the 150's weren't as accurate, but the powder was older.

Nosler does make a 180 and 200 grain also, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea whether or not a person would need to go as high as 180 or 200 grain to get enough energy to take a deer down? I do have a KKM 6" barrel I'm using. Just interested in opinions.

Anyone have experience with these bullets and maybe different loads or powders?


09-19-2012, 19:29
I chose the 165 GDHP behind 15.2 gr of AA9. Velocity is 1256 fps and muzzle energy is 578. I believe this is a great mid weight alternative with lots of merit. Absolutely no pressure signs on the G20 either. Hope to score a hog or two on the place this year.

09-19-2012, 21:24
I load 200gr xtp w/ 10.5gn blue dot, cci 350 primer (large pistol mag)
C.o.l 1.257" chrono 1203-1221 fps.