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09-18-2012, 08:23
The keg of Unique I am currently working out of is dated 2008. Not ancient by any means but it has spent some time in my basement which can get damp. I usually store them upstairs before opening. Since this is my last keg I need to place an order soon and will be getting at least three 8-pounders.

Yesterday I looked at a Harbor Freight email that advertised vacuum storage bags and it got me thinking. Would there be any possible benefit to sealing a keg or two (if they fit) in a vacuum bag? From what I recall the keg is not sealed under the cap but I don't know if environmental changes (humidity) can really permeate into an unopened keg over a few years.

Recently I have had some smoky loads which I was told could be moisture in the powder. I think it was mostly loaded ammo that I had at a class where we got rained on and it was exposed.

09-18-2012, 09:16
The Unique powder I am using was purchased in Cheyenne Wyoming in 1980. Works great.

09-18-2012, 09:39
WEt ammo isn't going to casue smokey loads. Usually with powders like Unique, the lower the vel the greater the smoke & carbon. Shoot Unique well above midrange & it runs fine. If you shoot lead bullets, well they just smoke. How much is a bullet lube vs powder ttype thing, but they smoke.
Vacumn packing the entire keg would certainly work for long term storage, same for primers. If your basement is damp, not the best place, but placed in a acbinet w/ large desicant pack, it should do fine in a sealed jug.