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09-20-2012, 20:43
Does anyone know if Glock will change out the frame of a
G-20 for a G-20SF? If so, how much do they charge and any idea on wait time?

tks, 2m

09-21-2012, 11:23
Not that I know of ... you will probably have to sell and re-buy a new pistol .... although Glockmeister used to sell frames only...

Good luck

09-21-2012, 12:31
Thanks for the input nickE. I hadn't been to Glock's web site for a long time and I see that they finally remodeled it, so, I've sent them an email with the same question. I'll post when I hear back from them.


09-21-2012, 17:01
Glock will replace a frame with a like frame, if it's being replaced due to failure. I doubt they would up/downgrade a model, for the purpose of preference.

The frame is the pistol. The pistol is the frame. Everything attached to the frame is just parts. You can purchase every Glock part and have it shipped from retailer to your door, except the frame. It has to go to or through FFL.

As Nick said, it's probably better to just buy an SF and sell yours. Or, just buy another frame, which can be had from any number of sellers. They aren't too costly (probably a lot less than taking a loss on a trade).

09-21-2012, 17:05
Also, and maybe better yet, buy a G21 SF, new or used. They are a lot more common, and usually less expensive. The parts are interchangeable, and it would leave you with both calibers. Maximum versatility, if you're interested in that advantage.