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09-26-2012, 17:53

So the question at hand is tightening the castle nut to the proprt torque with a wrench like the one above. I know it is suppose to be 40 ft/lbs but since the hole for the torque wrench is so far away from the castle nut part of the tool does the additional length (leverage) change what I set my torque wrench to or am I way over thinking things?

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09-26-2012, 17:59
You're over thinking things. The torque should be the same, no matter where you put the torque gauge. The hole is there for the very reason you state, more leverage.

But you might want to re-word your question with better punctuation, it's a little difficult to understand what you're asking.

09-26-2012, 19:02
as long as the torque adapter or lever or special tool, is at a 90* angle to the torque wrench you're using the torque applied is the same.

If the angle increases past 90 degrees, you're adding torque, if its below, you're not getting to proper torque.

the formula for this is

T(W) = T(E)* L/L+E
T(E) = T(W)* (L+E)/L

E- Effective length of extension - measured end to end your total lenth of torque wrench. L Lever length of the wrench - center of grip to center of drive. T(W) - Torque set on the wrench. T(E)- Torque applied by the extension to the fastener.

09-26-2012, 19:57
Thanks for the detailed explanation and formulas. I will stick to 90 degrees and save myself some math.

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