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Uncle Don
09-27-2012, 19:55
I suspect I'm late to the game, but just received two of these from Lee. While I didn't really have a problem with the wood ones, they did flex a little more than I like.

Must say though that I really like the new metal ones - they seem to take much less torque to hold them in and it was easy to put them on my presses and no flex to speak of. Just wondering if anyone else has tried them?

bush pilot
09-27-2012, 20:22
How you doing UD? Haven't seen you on here for ages. Remind me, is your avatar your grandad?

Rick from Kali
09-28-2012, 13:03
glad to see your still around Don. i myself at 64 have just started my first month of retirement so i have more time than i know what to do with. could you post a link to these plates please.

Uncle Don
09-28-2012, 20:52
Always good to see old friends here. BP - still trying to "learn the young'ns" and have just started my 11th year at it. Time sure does go quickly. I'm assuming you are still carting fishermen and hunters into the wilds?

Yes - the avatar is Great Grandpa Charlie. He somehow managed to survive five battles of WWI and very likely fought his own cousins. According to my Uncle, (last remaining of his sons) that in one battle, he was sent to take a message to another unit through the trenches due to his smaller stature. When he returned with help, the battle was over and only five out of 50 or more had been killed. Also interesting to note (at least for me) is that he sent all of his three sons to WWII.

Rick, congratulations on the retirement. Take care of yourself so you enjoy as many years of it as possible. Here is the link you asked about. I really like them, they hold incredibly tight, easy to install and are superior to the wood ones in my opinion.

09-28-2012, 20:58
I did not even know they came out with steel plates, I knew about the wood. The steel versions look more solid fur sure. Uncle Don is the teacher for today.:cool: