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09-27-2012, 20:03
I've been loading thousands of 10mm and 40 with power pistol and I get great charge weight consistence, like +- .1 gr. my buddy gave me some auto comp to try and I had nothing but problems with it tonight. Huge charge weight fluctuations. Like +- 1.2 gr's. any body else have these issues?

Tree Rat
09-27-2012, 20:14
No. Meters like water for me. Make sure your powder bar goes full travel each way....and maybe check for static.


09-27-2012, 20:43
I have never used that powder but I have used 5 different powder funnels of Dillons and they were all with in .1 tenth +/- of a grain.:supergrin:

09-27-2012, 20:53
I'm getting full travel. I'm thinking I must be having some sort of static issue. It looks like it should meter awesome. Question is how do I un-static the powder and hopper.

F106 Fan
09-27-2012, 22:03
Wipe the surfaces with a dryer fabric softener sheet. Unfortunately, this may cloud the nice clear plastic.

I doubt that it is static. Once the powder gets down to the metal part of the measure, it is all metal from there until the powder drops into the case. Given a sufficient height of powder, the cavity in the bar should fill completely.

Maybe shake the powder before pouring it into the hopper?


09-27-2012, 22:37
Some lots of powder, any powder, seem to have enough residual solvent that they clump up.
This is usually not a problem in terms of metering so much as clumping in the hopper, but it could be your problem.
You should pour out all powder and inspect the powder funnel inside and strip the measure and inspect the parts. See if powder is clinging to any and then wash all parts in hot soapy water and wipe dry. You may want to use an organic degreaser on the metal parts.
If this was your first time using the measure, I would suggest getting some graphitized gun powder (not all gun powder appears to have a graphite coating) or some powdered graphite and work it through the measure.
Any time you get any variation, even with Unique, that exceeds 0.3gn, you have a problem in the powder measure system and need to take it apart and inspect.
Let us know what you find out.

09-28-2012, 06:28
Check to make sue the part # 13871 little white cube is installed in the cut out in the bar. Make sure the failsafe slotted Bellcrank #17839 is not loose, causing the Bellcrank cube of slipping in and out of the slot. Make sure the #13845 collar sleeve is installed and installed right. Take out the charge bar and make sure nothing has broken. Keep the powder measure at least full of powder. Pour the powder out and make sure nothing fell in the powder measure causing and obstruction. Check the nut #13817 Bellcrank kep nut. If it is not nylon lock nut replace it with one. Double nutting does not work. Put powder graphite on the cube and also put a case at station two lower the handle on the left side of the measure you will see a round cylinder put some graphite in there also. Also make sure the powder funnel moves freely.

09-28-2012, 10:28
Ok guys I got her all dialed in. As the first guy thought I was not getting full travel. For some reason the spring loaded wing nut on the pull down rod had lossened up. Just loaded 5oo rnds that all came out perfect. Side note for those who care. I tested both power pistol and auto comp in 40sw shooting 135 noslers both around 1320fps. The PP had a nice big bright flash and the auto comp had almost no flash.

Tree Rat
09-28-2012, 11:56
Very good. Watch the stuff near max. It gets spikey. You'll know when you are there when you see more than a 75 fps increase with as little as .2 grains between loads.


09-28-2012, 18:12
Thanks for the heads up. When I worked up the ladder I got about 30fps with every .2 gr. I stopped at 1320 because it was very near the max fps listed by hodgen.