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10-03-2012, 13:52
It is 3/4" box tube that makes up a 5" truss making it quite strong an still light enough I won't mess up the wood floor. The adjustable padded feet also help out.

Couldn't fit all of the most used equipment on at one time so there is a bottom shelf to hold them and an air compressor a friend gave me. It came out of a dentist office so it puts out quite a bit of air and is super quite.

Still needs finish work and paint but you can get the concept.

Beware Owner
10-03-2012, 13:54

10-03-2012, 14:15
I love jmorris's posts and projects. Well done Sir.

10-03-2012, 21:37
I don't know but it looks like it will flex a little in the middle.