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10-06-2012, 14:09
Hubby just called to me from the Living Room...as I was catching up on my e-mail. (I am extremely back logged on my
e-mail.) :upeyes:

" Guess who The Gators are playing? LSU!!!"


Gotta go!

:supergrin: :wavey:

Gun Shark
10-06-2012, 14:19
Go gators!!!!!!!

10-06-2012, 17:08
Wow! I did NOT expect that outcome!

I am not a GATOR. I am a UCF Knight...alumni! But many of my friends and neighbors and their kids are Gators...so I have a t-shirt! :supergrin:

But for some strange reason, a piece of my heart also belongs to LSU, too. I had to swallow a cheer or two for LSU. :wow:

For my LSU friends, I'm sorry! To my Gator friends, congratulations!!