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View Full Version : Has anybody noticed a slight shift in coverage for Obama

10-07-2012, 14:59
It seems like slowly surely and grudgingly, the Press is starting to put SOME pressure on Obama and the administration.

My thought is that they know the game is up, and the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

And PRAYING (or whatever they do that relates to it) that the American Public forgets that they prostituted themselves so deeply in this failed experiment.

What say the hive?

10-07-2012, 16:47
Understanding that the media is driven by two things, advertising and viewer numbers, and their own agenda politically.

I have come to think I can guess what we are going to see, no matter how the election turns out.

Most of the MSM is going to appear to move to the center, owing to the huge numbers FOX draws, but I think one network will try to become as conservative as FOX and will draw from the FOX pool. In 2016 they will have many "wanna be" conservatives convinced they are conservative and they will back an actually liberal candidate for the GOP one way or the other, either to "moderate" a conservative backlash to 4 more Obama years, or to weaken Romney.

They are going to be playing chess and thinking several moves ahead.

10-07-2012, 19:01
We need to take notes and names
and NEVER forget their Bias and Dissinformation

10-07-2012, 19:09
All I've seen from the Liberal Press is apologists, excuse makers and avoidance that Richard Nixon would have given his left (lower body extremity) for.