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10-10-2012, 08:27
Search just doesn't like me, I swear I've seen a bunch of threads about refrigerators in past. Anyways...

We are looking at buying a refrigerator.

We want ice maker and water dispenser, so I kinda assume a side-by-side. I am leery of "french door" frigs because that just seems like a lot of moving seals that can wear out.

We want to keep the price around $1,000 or less.

What about GE?

Home Depot has one that looks halfway decent:

This Kenmore from Sears doesn't look bad:

Any other ideas or thoughts? Thanks!

10-10-2012, 08:36
You have me a little confused. 'Side by Side' and 'French Door' is the same thing are they not?


10-10-2012, 08:44
We have a Frigidaire... it has been a royal pain in the behind.

We have had a big problem with it stinking. The water in the drip pan that is supposed to evaporate stagnates. Then it stinks to the high heaven. Every time the refrigerator runs, the fan circulates that foul smell throughout the kitchen. For the past several months they have sent two different repairmen out to work on it on a few occasions. "Repairs" have ranged from looking at it and saying "I don't know", cleaning it, to replacing the drip pan. Nothing really fixes it because within a month or so, the smell will return.

After all of these service calls, Lowes requested a replacement... yea good luck with that. Frigidaire denied the replacement and said that the warranty didn't cover smells, and basically they were "sorry" but they could do nothing for us. (I purchased the extended warranty thing from Lowes). I was not satisfied with this response, and asked Lowes service if they could do anything about it. They informed me that the problem belonged to Frigidiare and Lowes extended warranty was not in effect yet, so Lowes could not help me at all until after the manufacturer's warranty expires (in a matter of days). They also informed me that the "cycle" would start over and I would have to have at least 3 more service calls on the refrigerator before they would even consider replacing it.

So, I went to the Lowes store where I bought it, and explained to a manager my problem. She said she would look into it and see what she could do. She kept her word, and went to bat for me.

Latest update: yesterday I received a phone call from Frigidaire, they said they would contact the local Lowes store and set up a replacement. I am pretty sure this thing will be resolved thankfully, I do not have the new refrigerator yet, but I think it is finally going to happen.

I guess I should pose a question to the forum... have you ever heard of a drip pan on a refrigerator stinking? I know the reasonable person would say "clean the drip pan", however the geniuses in the Frigidaire engineering department thought putting a non-removable drip pan was somehow a good idea. Therefore, cleaning it myself is really not much of an option. A freshly cleaned drip pan, or brand new one lasted about one month before it started to stink. I have been around refrigerators my entire life and this is the only one I have ever had this kind of experience fact this is the only one I've even attempted to clean. It is just really weird. Is this something about newer refrigerators?

One extra note... the repairman said there was some weird sticky substance oozing between like the case and the wiring, it had no smell to it. He said he didn't know what it was.

10-10-2012, 08:49
If you are ok with possibly getting a reconditioned/refurbished fridge, maybe check out as well. They are having a sale right now.

And just a personal thing, but I don't like side by sides. If you've had one in the passed and liked it, then disregard me. But to me it seems like you get rid of a lot of space with having the freezer on the side. Prefer the kind with the freezer at the bottom like a big bin.

10-10-2012, 09:03
You have me a little confused. 'Side by Side' and 'French Door' is the same thing are they not?


A side by side fridge has two doors; one side a freezer and the other the fridge.

A French Door fridge has the freezer at the bottom that pulls out like a drawer, and two doors that can access the fridge:

10-10-2012, 09:12
Your best bet is to call a couple of refrigerator repairmen and ask them their opinions of which brands have the best and worst repair records.

I called three and they all three told me to buy a Maytag.

I did, and it's run perfect for the last two years.

10-10-2012, 10:11
I bought a Maytag Plus sidexside 10 yrs ago, and has never skipped a beat. I know it was more than $1000.00 though. I don't know where in CT you're located but mine was bought at New Britian Sales (closed), and you do have Holloways (, S.K.Lavery (, Sears Outlet in Newington and West Haven. Then you have HD, and Lowes.

10-10-2012, 10:33
We bought an LG just about a year ago, from HH Gregg.

The only issue we had was delivery.
HH Gregg tells you up front, that they only stock _____ of each item.
They will sell as many as they can, and first-come/first delivered is their policy.

We wanted a Friday afternoon/Saturday morning delivery.

We waited a MONTH for the fridge to be delivered!!!!

Now, with that said, we bought an LG "French Door" fridge.
Wow!!!!! What a machine!!!!

We got the 31 cu ft model, with ice and water through the door.

Here's this year's model.

There is only ONE drawback to this fridge.
The water filter.
It's 'good' for something like 200 gallons. (Not sure of exact amount.)
However, when it says to replace it. . . .replace it.
The water will STOP if you don't replace it!!!

The filters are $50.00 each!!!!
I will say this. . . . the water is DELICIOUS when it goes through the filter.
(The icemaker uses water furnished through the filter, too, btw!!)

Keep a couple of filters on-hand, otherwise, you will be re-installing the 'by-pass' in the fridge.
Replacing the filter is a 2 minute job.

This fridge is waaaaaaaaay over what you want to pay, but, it is a FANTASTIC fridge!


10-10-2012, 14:20
Samsung Fridge (

My wife and I bought this model recently- for about $1300 less than their suggested retail and love it.

Filters are only $35 and sooooo easy to replace.

It also features easy open draw handles- it breaks the air tight seal before you pull out to make the freezing and cooling drawer easier to open.

10-10-2012, 16:51
Many years ago I worked on a few refrigerators of friends, etc. and personally, I would not buy the side-by-side. I have had one and the energy consumed was higher, it heated up the kitchen, and it ran all the time even though it had good door seals, etc.

I like the simple refrigerator with the freezer compartment at the top. YMMV

10-10-2012, 19:22
Right at 11 months on our Samsung French Door. I really love the bottom freezer. I also like the door ajar alert too.

We were looking at getting water and ice in door until we saw just how much interior space you lose for that feature.

Got the icemaker in the bottom freezer, it works fine. We got a killer Black Friday deal on it too (right around $1K).|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=

10-10-2012, 19:38
I will tell you that while we have a one year old Samsung and the icemaker SUCKS. The guy at Lowes said he's be happy to exchange it but none of the new ones will put out anywhere near as much ice as an older fridge. Other than that I like it.