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10-10-2012, 16:28
So my son asked me to take him to Goodwill and pick up some golf shirts. I'm browsing through the shirt rack and out of the corner of my eye I see "Warranted to be a Pendleton", and there is a brand new, never worn Sir Pendleton wool shirt. In my size. For $4.95.

I got it, another unworn plaid cotton shirt, and seven almost new golf shirts for the boy, for less than half the retail price of the Pendelton. ;)

10-10-2012, 16:41
Goodwill is also a good place to find backpacks (the back to school and day pack types). I bought 5-6 packs with padded straps, side pockets and such and we use them all the time. Target/Walmart want $30-$45 for identical style packs.

10-10-2012, 16:56
Wife and MIL hit a dozen or so Goodwills every other Saturday. I have some really nice work shirts from there. And some other stuff for the house.