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10-10-2012, 18:56

"South Carolina resident William Clark's standoff with a dealership (http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/camaro-owner-records-mechanics-abusing-car-scheming-damages-152707580.html) he accused of abusing his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro (http://autos.yahoo.com/chevrolet/camaro) SS while in for service has ended in a settlement, with Clark and the dealership saying the Camaro was bought back...."

But Best Chevrolet also offers a defense of sorts to Clark's secret recording, which an attorney for the dealership had called "misleadlingly edited" and pushed to have taken down. While Clark captured tire-squealing driving by the technicians at Best Chevrolet and their discussion of making him pay for a new clutch, the dealership contends Clark drove the Camaro just as hard once it was in his possession.

"A car of that style needs to be driven hard to test for the problem he stated. It is a high performance car and is not likely to be damaged in such a way," the dealership said in a statement"


10-10-2012, 18:58
From story comments:

~ "ive been a professional mechanic for 40 years and never, never thrashed a customers car unless they insisted and were there to either demonstrate what the problem was or witness the lack thereof. these dealer techs just got caught beating a fast car and then tried to cover it up.. very unprofessional, disreputable conduct. im an ase master tech with 40 years in high end/performance cars and this is reprehensible behavior on behalf of their techs. i would be wary of their service dept if this is what they condone. glad the customer got his car bought back." ~

10-10-2012, 19:59
When the Ford GT was first hitting dealerships, Road & Track had a small article about the markups of $10-30,000 over the $140K MSRP. Somehow, a dealership in my area had gotten one and a tech in their shop had told me they wanted $220K for it. A short time later, I happened to read a letter to the editor in the magazine about that article. The author was a man in my area. He mentioned that particular dealership and their absurd markup. The author also mentioned how the sales manager told him that he and two other salesmen had taken it out on the interstate at over 120 mph and gone almost 60 mph in first gear. He sarcastically remarked that a car costing that much must not require any kind of break in period.

I also knew a painter in the body shop of that dealership. He ordered a Mustang Cobra and was adamant about them not pulling it off the truck unless he was present to take immediate possession of it. He was well aware of how the hooligans up front treated vehicles and swore not to buy it if they got in it and performed any dealer prep.

10-10-2012, 20:14
I worked in a Mustang performance shop for years. A paint shop down the street called and wanted us to put our scanner on a customer's '99 Mustang GT with a 5 speed before they gave it back to them. Apparently the MIL had come on while they had it.
Two painters showed up a few minutes later. I got the code and told them it was for "Engine Speed Limit Exceeded". They looked at me confused and asked what that meant. I told them my best guess was someone had missed a shift with their foot on the floor and bounced it off the rev limiter. Boy, the look between the two was priceless. One even asked, "You can really see that?" I showed him the screen before clearing the code.
We never sent a running car out for paint. Pushing speed was all we trusted the bondo monkeys with.

10-10-2012, 20:48
Having worked for a number of dealerships, I can say, from my experience, that there are; (in no order)

some techs that have horsebeat a new car,
some sales guys that have horsebeat a new car,
there are some lot attendants that have horsebeat a new car,
some customers that have horsebeat a new car

It has happened. It is happening. It will happen.

I'm freely admit that I've been guilty on all counts.

10-10-2012, 21:24
In 98 I bought a mustang cobra. I took it out for a test drive. Salesman told me to punch it. I did. Only time I've ever done over 90mph on a test drive.

10-10-2012, 21:48
I understand all the above comments....
I myself am very particular when I buy a new car...ordering it ...then watch it being driven slowly off the truck and watching the dealer prep...I have bought a few with 2-7 miles on them....I was lucky...all worked out well.

10-11-2012, 00:00
My service manager allows me to go back in the shop with my cars.