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10-11-2012, 22:31
Last week, a man was convicted of three counts producing obscene materials because he video recorded his 15 y/o daughter with her top off. One of the the recordings involved mutual breast fondling with another woman.

I know the girl and her mother, who is no longer married to the father.

I am concerned that since it is obscenity-related, something could happen at the appellate level, but I may be worrying about nothing. He was convicted under Alabama law, BTW. As I understand the federal child porn law, if your computer contains a sexual pix of a nude person under 17 (18?) then you are done for.

I read that because of this, the issue of Penthouse with the nude pictures of Miss America Vanessa Williams is illegal to possess because it also has a nude spread of porn queen Traci Lords, who was 15 at the time.

I'm thinking about calling the federal agency that investigates, child porn, but I assume they already know about this. He has caused tremendous harm to the girl. There is a lot more this. I think he may have raped her and let his friends rape her -- in some cases forcible rape. There is evidence that he smoked pot with her.

I am angry about what he did to her, and the fact that he made his daughter testify about this is insult to injury. For either of these reasons, I want his child-molesting ass to die in prison.

Daddy Dirtbag is supposed to be sentenced for the 3 Class A felonies on 6 Nov. Class A felonies are 10-99 years, but there is no minimum, so probation is a theoretical possibility. But not for this crime and not with this judge.

Article in area paper:

(BTW, the article got it wrong. The mother only identified her daughter and the father's off-camera voice. The dirtbag showed the recording to a friend, and the friend dropped a dime on him.)

The section I think he was convicted under starts at 13A-12-190

Alabama's code online: