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10-13-2012, 17:00
Just saw it. Wanted to like it, but

Spoiler alert:

It ends as a cliffhanger

End Spoiler

The first one was a financial fop, they did not even raise enough money to make a second until private donations got them close enough that the studio decided to greenlight it the rest of the way, and now they leave the whole thing like this.

I wanted to see the whole saga and how things would get restored (never read the book so i assume that is in there). I predict this one, which is well made btw, will not garner enough money for a studio to do a third and finish it. Sad too, it could have been very good.

10-13-2012, 17:10
No worries the story ends with the looters eating the "Galts". It was one of the origional zombie novels.

10-13-2012, 17:12
Well, I'll be.

automatic slim
10-13-2012, 17:15
No worries the story ends with the looters eating the "Galts". It was one of the origional zombie novels.



10-13-2012, 19:06
I saw it bright and early yesterday with my wife. We didn't see part 1 and hadn't read the book so it was a little confusing. I knew the quality going in wasn't going to be Hollywood A but we will eventually see parts 1 hopefully 2. I talked to one guy walking out with his wife. He told us the movie is very close to the book so I'm at least happy with that. How also confirmed this is the book, released in 3 parts.

10-15-2012, 12:50
My wife and I went to see if on Friday. I have read the book and my wife has not. I enjoyed the first movie but thought it would have been very difficult to follow for someone not familiar with the book.

I was only disappointed with 2nd movie when they changed the cast. I can't get over Dagny in this movie, she is just a terrible fit. Overall I enjoyed the second movie better thought it was much easier to follow and overall more enjoyable. There was a plot that could be followed without having read the book.

I really wish this movie and book were more mainstream because with just a little more money this could be really well done. I fear like others do that this will not make enough money to finish the 3rd movie which I think would be terrible.

If you have any interest in watching this one I recommend you watch the first one though.

10-15-2012, 17:14
Was that Stabler I saw in the trailer?

ETA: I looked on IMDB. Apparently it wasn't

10-15-2012, 19:35
I think it was intended to be a trilogy. Don't know if they will ever get around to making part 3. I will watch part 2 as soon as it is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime.