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10-15-2012, 19:08
Three attempts at google-fu is my limit before I post a blind question...so here 'tis:

Spending a week in Ireland with wifey for a much-needed holiday...leaving Thursday.(from the US)
I would like to bring a bottle of Kentucky's finest single-barrel bourbon with me...most likely to give as a gift to a well-deserving B&B keeper.

ATL's duty-free is pathetic with regards to bourbon. (Red Stag...and nothing else). So I am left to my own devices...

There's tons of info on duty-free, but what about BYOB?

I've never packed a bottle of liquor before. Other than the obvious care and feeding of the precious cargo, what do I need to know about the process of bringing a bottle into Ireland? Rules and regs? I no longer qualify for the "nothing to declare" line I assume. What else do I need to know? How expensive could this be? (it's a $60 bottle of hooch).

Or is this much ado about nothing?

Dana? Gallium?

10-15-2012, 19:30
You may bring one liter of liquor (over 22% alcohol) to the UK from a non-EU country, duty free. If you stay under this limit, no declaration is necessary. So, pack it safely and have a fun trip.