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10-17-2012, 15:41
I have access to a great old car sitting on my wife's family farm. Was thinking of restoring it but I don't have those skills, then it hit me...rat rod. It would take a while but I thought it would be a fun project for my son and I down the road. Think I may go grab it and see what we think. It's a 59 or 60 Impala. Not sure what the definition of a rat rod for age is, but heck, why not. Here she is, waiting for me.

10-17-2012, 17:01
Bring it to Austin. Mexicans here will buy that in a second and make a low rider out of it. :cool:

10-17-2012, 17:04
I dig rats, be they rod, bike, sled or truck.

Goldendog Redux
10-17-2012, 17:10
Bring it to Austin. Mexicans here will buy that in a second and make a low rider out of it. :cool:

Send it to me and I will make a lowrider out of it. I'm mostly Irish.

10-17-2012, 17:13
I rodded out a '56 Chevy pickup. Cheaper than a restore and still fun.

Ol' Dirty
10-17-2012, 17:13
If you can get the engine to fire it's already a rat rod. But hell yes that would make a sweet rat.

10-17-2012, 17:17
As a rule, I hate the rat rod craze. It has led to a lot of unsafe POS cars hacked together and driven on the roads with people claiming coolness.

I have seen VW rats with spindle mounted wheels up front with no front brakes, and many other dubious practices.

Don;t fall into it.

Be safe.

Do PROPER mechanical repairs.

If you wish to forgo restoring completely, I understand.

Looking at that car, I;d be tempted to drive it in it's patina'd glory myself for a little while.

I'd start with suspension and brakes.

Replace every component in teh braking system.

It;s just easier.

New metal lines, rubber lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, pads, shoes, springs, calipers.

Be aggravated once...and safe from then on.

Ball joints and tie rods....ditto.

It's just the way I roll with old metal that's sat.

New springs and shocks, and you have a solid safe roller.

Either get the original drive train working, or replace with one of your choice and cruise it.

If you want "the look" and/or to get decent money from rat lovers, drop an air suspension under it and drop it when cruising.

Good luck, it could be a fun project.

Just be aware, it will cost money both in parts and tools.

It will take time, especially if you are learning as you go.

There is literally any information you need at your fingertips, however.

The only thing determining success or failure is your willingness to stick with it and see it through.

If you want to get chunks accomplished at a time, have parts on hand...get refreshments and host a club night with local like minded enthusiasts.

10-17-2012, 17:22
I would rod it... but not "rat".
Man oh man that thing would make a nice custom.... starting with an LS-x under the hood.

10-17-2012, 17:22
^^^^LS7, LSX !!!!!! ^^^^^^^

I see a lot of potential there. There are more and more cars showing up at shows like Good Guys that have killer drive trains and running gear with the body left "as is".

10-17-2012, 17:25
take your time, that car looks like its worth doing right:cool:

10-17-2012, 17:27
I think it'd be sweet to upgrade the drivetrain, replace all the safety parts like Gareth was saying, and then leave the body as is. I like how it looks in it's current state, and as long as there's no major rust that will compromise the structural integrity, then it looks great as it sits.

Hamilton Burger
10-17-2012, 17:51
Send it to me and I will make a lowrider out of it. I'm mostly Irish. :whistling:

10-17-2012, 17:57
Be prepared to shovel money at it...I have over 20k into the sons 49 ply business coupe and brakes, paint and steering left to go...we've done most of the work ourselves, any hotrod will add up alot faster than any newbie realizes.

10-18-2012, 04:53
I guess I meant to imply that I don't really plan to restore it, not sure how Rat rods are classified. I plan to possibly do just what you guys are recommending, get the brakes and basics going, the engine, not sure of. The car was simply parked on the farm and left, it ran fine the day they left it on the property. It is dusty of course, inside, but the chassis is not on the dirt. Body is straight and all glass and interior parts intact. I don't want to Sanford and Son my yard, so I am going to put in a shed for my garage stuff and get this thing on jack stands in the garage for a nice rest while I evaluate what to do with it. Can't wait to play around with fixing it.

Dennis in MA
10-18-2012, 08:15
I think Fast & Loud did a rat-rod. They fixed up this 50's somethingorother (or 40's somethingorother - I've forgotten) but RE-painted it to look like it wasn't painted. Some teh original robin-egg-blue, some red-brown, some black. All in satin. I have to say, it came out cool looking. Inside and underneath, it was all cherry. It was just a sleeper look to the thing. I found that interesting.

Bill Powell
10-18-2012, 08:53
if you give up on the rat rod idea you can sell that front clip for enough to make you mortgage payment.

By the way, Rat Rod is not a description of how the car should look.

10-18-2012, 10:35
That is a 1960 Impala. I love old Impalas and hate when people put big rims on them and lower them.