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View Full Version : 00 Buckshot molds.... Lee vs. Sharpshooter?

10-17-2012, 18:28
I have a bunch of Lee molds. They work fine for me.

I've also tried the Sharpshooter mold when it first came out. It sucked. The hinge pin wasn't right and the mold didn't open. The handles burned up. Ultimately I was given a refund.

However, I need another mold and it is a few years later.

Which would you recommend I try?



10-18-2012, 15:52
Anyone try either recently??



10-18-2012, 21:29
Just got the lee 00 buck mold and have only cast with it once. That being said it is an excellent quality mold, heavy, and well made. It needed a good warming up and lots of heat before it would cast well but ran very well after that. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested. Plan on keeping mine for many years.