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10-17-2012, 20:08
2005 outback 2.5 xt turbo 150,000 miles sharp, loaded priced at $10,000

did this model/engine have the head gasket problems ?
how good .. long lived is the turbo reliability ?

what kind of mileage to expect ?
it would take premium gas , i presume ... ? !

this is a sharp car and not too far from my house
am scared to test drive it tho , i might be hooked !

my older 98 outback only has 140,000 on it and has the head gasket replaced and the car is in very good condition .
might trade ..... how much difference would be fair for me to give ?


10-17-2012, 20:15
Different engine than your 98. Head gasket problems before 2005 MY.

Mileage? Its a turbo. I would be happy with 22mpg hwy in an Outback. Yes premium gas.

Will it last? Its 8 years old and has 150k miles on the clock. Be careful. With a good maintenance record and a checkout by a local Subie mech it should last quite a bit longer.

10-17-2012, 20:26
I had 180k on my 98 Outback when I traded it in. Engine was still good, but had to add a quart between changes.

Got a mint condition low miles 2005 Outback to replace it. No problems yet, had it 9 months.

Sorry, don't know anything about turbos.

10-17-2012, 20:39
You're looking to spend $10k on an 8 year old turbocharged car with 150k miles. Not a good buy at all in my opinion, especially since this car stood a decent chance of being abused at the hands of some wannabe racer.