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10-21-2012, 10:06
Had fun at the Sparta shoot Saturday. Shot a personal best and improved 6 seconds over the last best.

kyglockshooter 2.0
10-21-2012, 15:03
My dad and I are actually driving home from this match as I type this, the shooting complex is over 1600 acres with 1000 rv campsites. There are 250 acres of fishable water from my understanding and I haven't verified this yet but it was claimed there are 3.5 miles of trap houses.
As for a turn out I believe there were around 130ish entries(a rough number I heard from scott. It was also this facilities first time running a GSSF and they RO'S did an amazing job, seeing as this is the first time this venue has held a gssf match. I do know that for next year we shall allow time to explore this complex. I would really suggest that next year if your able to attend that you don't pass on the opportunity you will not be dissapointed.

10-21-2012, 18:12
This is a great range with very good RO's. There was two setup each in their own bay so they should be able to handle a flow shooters. This range was very well run and needs a better turn out next year to stay on the calendar. So come on and mark down on next year's calendar, I am.

kyglockshooter 2.0
10-21-2012, 20:15
I'm sorry we missed you, we were in cincy Saturday for the indoor at target world. How long of a drive was it for you?

Comrade Bork
10-22-2012, 06:21
As Bryan said; fantastic venue.

I would have never believed that a state with such an anti-gun reputation like Illinois would ever have such a well built, well maintained, state-owned and operated, Ginormous, shooting facility! :supergrin:

We were told it is a reclaimed coal strip mine. There were clearly other reclaimed strip mines in the area; all very well reclaimed and were definitely not a blight on the landscape.

It is so big it has it's own water tower!

Other so-called "pro-gun" states should take some notes! :supergrin:

Final total was about 158. Scott told me that he and Bryan were able to get all the scoresheets into the laptop before they left, so they should be able to get a set of prelims up by Tuesday.

A little light on RO help, but then as it was a first time match, it was a small match so they took it in stride. The ROs who were there were clearly very experienced.

If this match grows, however, as GSSF matches have a tendency to do as word of mouth goes around, they are going to have to get more ROs to help.

10-22-2012, 06:23
4.5 hours, the second closest for me next to Hallsville. I would of liked to shot on Sunday with the better weather but had to get to Mobile. It was pretty cool Saturday morning and I seemed to be the only one shooting. I guess I cheated by putting on some longjohns.

kyglockshooter 2.0
10-22-2012, 18:58
Ha that was about our drive time to and sundays weather was amazing it got a little warm at the end of our time there. Warm being a blazing 74.

Also I agree as to needing more RO's, I sat in as a score keeper on the plates for awhile so the guys on the station could get lunch which by no means am I complaining. I love being able to jump in and help it gives me a more satisfied feeling along with the knowledge I am able to be more than a guy who they watched shoot a gun, I hope that I get to see the same RO's next year. Yet it did feel as though there were just enough to get them through. I could be wrong seeing as I was only there Sunday.