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10-21-2012, 17:49
My grandfather had a 54 Chevy truck. When it died in 1971 my dad gave him his 67 Dodge D200. It eventually went to a cousin and then to his son. Now it may be coming back to me. After all these years it still has just over 60,000 miles on it.

My high school son wants to take it to his auto shop class next week. He might rebuild it there over the next two years.

benz mechanic
10-21-2012, 18:40
you can save some money on the restoration using the autoshop [unless you do it yourself] have fun with it and post some progress pics

10-21-2012, 18:54
Sorry, which one? The 54 or 67?

Angry Fist
10-21-2012, 19:01
It's cool that something like that can manage to stay in the family. Things like that would never last among my cousins.

10-21-2012, 19:25
Sorry, which one? The 54 or 67?

This^ 54 chevy is a classic. 67 dodge....kind of a pig.

Walk Soft
10-21-2012, 19:48
Congrats.My Great Grandfather's 1957 Dodge.

10-21-2012, 19:57
you can save some money on the restoration using the autoshop

Save even more money restoring it with photoshop.

Park the truck under a tarp out back, hang the picture inside the living room.


10-21-2012, 20:49
In 1964 my grandfather traded his 1948 Ford pickup for a brand new Chevy pickup. He used it on the farm until he retired and drove it around town until the doctor told him to stop driving before he killed himself.

He gave that truck to my dad who drove it back and forth to work until he retired. In 1996 dad bought a new truck and gave me the '64. I drive it to town a coupla times a month. I'll be retiring in a few years and my youngest daughter has already laid claim to it...for her 3 year old son! I just hope I'm around to teach him how to drive a column shift.

10-23-2012, 05:53
Sorry, which one? The 54 or 67?

The 67. Wish it was the 54. The 54 went to a cousin in very bad shape and is now all but a rusted hulk. I would still love to get my hands on it but that will never happen.

The 67 is just a big ugly beast but they are so rare it is still sort of cool. But it will never be the classic the 54 is.

My son is thinking go doing some needed repairs and selling it for money to dump into out 66 mustang. The 66 is in great shape but needs some TLC. He thinks it would be a great car for dates. :supergrin: The 66 was his great grandfathers on my wife's side of the family. We tend to keep cars a LONG time.

I even had her great grandmothers 62 Lincoln for a few years and her uncle has it now and still drives it.