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10-22-2012, 18:04

~ Be prepaired for Obunga`s Debait Rhetoric ~

"Do you know of someone who
Has problems with their verbal poo?
Zapcrap's here to save the day
Spray it now and walk away.

Offending verbal diarrhoea
Can be made to disappear.
Spray it once and you will find
Your victim's had a change of mind.

Crap is vanished, now you'll see
The can can make us all agree.
It's just the thing to have at hand -
For any occasion - ready-canned.

To rid your 'friends' of foolish lies
Do not spray near nose and eyes.
Use at weddings or a business meeting,
Send your special "Zapcrap" greeting!

We cannot guarantee it works
So read our terms where small print lurks
You buy this stuff, agree to rules
We only sell to the rich and fools!

Zapcrap refuses any claims
But does its best to fullfil their aims.
It's just a can - and after all
It's perfumed air in an aerosol."

Bull-shiatt Repellent


10-23-2012, 12:44