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10-25-2012, 08:50
Anyone have one? I bought this on impulse because I thought it was a good deal, have always wanted a lever 22 and eventually my son can have it when he is old enough.

Paid $200 and it is barely used, guy claims only a few hundred rounds through it.

Good deal? I think it's a youth model but not sure. There are no model markings I can see.


10-25-2012, 14:21
Let me be the first to say congrats. You got a great gun for a good price.

I do not believe that is a youth model-looks like the standard H001.

Shoot it for thousands or rounds and enjoy!

10-25-2012, 21:29
Good score! You are going to love it! I love mine.
Rod van Pelt:wavey:

10-26-2012, 06:29
thanks for the replies. I fitted it with an old Weaver V9 3x9 vari scope I had laying around, looking forward to sighting it in this weekend. :cool:

10-26-2012, 11:00
+1 on the H001. Get out there and shoot it! You will love it.

10-28-2012, 17:34
Congrats! :cool:

10-28-2012, 17:57
Good rifle. i put 200+ rounds down the pipe on mine today! :thumbsup:

ca survivor
10-29-2012, 09:26

10-31-2012, 07:24
Well popped off a couple hundred rounds after sighting in the scope and a quick cleaning...this thing was pretty clean to begin with.

I am impressed with the smooth action, maybe I am just used to larger caliber lever guns with stiffer action but this Henry seems pretty smooth!

Accuracy was very acceptable (I am not a sharpshooter, I mainly shoot tin cans) out to about 50 yards, didn't try beyond that range though I suspect it gets iffy at 75 yards?

Overall I am very pleased with this little lever gun and happy to have a match for my old Weaver 3x9.:cool:

jolly roger
11-04-2012, 20:07
Just picked up a Frontier model with the octagon barrel. Can't see buckhorns worth a hoot anymore but did not want a big scope so I put a little 4x for a Crickett rifle on it. Works well and quite accurate.