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Idaho Spud
10-25-2012, 12:54
Took new FDE G23 out yesterday for first firing. Fired 90 something rounds of (all) reloads, mixture 180 gr. Berry FP and RS. Three different loads, 2 powders. Last 27 rounds were my own cast lead Lee 175-TC's. (that's all I had)

No malfs of any type. I fired the cast boolit rounds strictly for informational purposes. Fired one mag of these (Lee 175 gr. TC), removed barrel, examined, ran a dry patch thru, reassembled. Shot another mag of these, disassembled as before, dry patch, no leading. These boolits drop from my mold at @183 grs., so there's no way they could be harder than @10-11 or so BHN. Not an exhaustive test, granted, but I've seen reports of 10 or 12 shots with leading. Hope this is indicative of what to expect from this barrel shooting cast projectiles. Don't want to buy aftermarket bbls. IMO Glocks are overpriced as it is.

Like I said just first impressions. Strictly for function, not accuracy. Rains came and I quit early. More to come. Later.

10-25-2012, 13:30
Just remember you are playing with fire by using cast bullets. No one is going to try and defend you when your gun blows up! Glocks were not designed and made with lead in mind. But your gun, your decisions to do as you please.

10-25-2012, 13:36
Glad to hear all works fine with your new Glock... Congrats

Idaho Spud
10-25-2012, 13:43
Thanks Road Warrior, I sincerely appreciate your concern; but I wouldn't go out and buy flowers just yet.:supergrin: