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10-25-2012, 22:59
I'm a pretty proud husband. My wife was never an anti, when I started bringing them home she had a more whatever attitude about it. Kind of if it makes you happy go for it, leave me to my purses. Around six months ago we decided to buy a home. With the options we had buying a home in the area I worked in made sense as I would go from driving 12,000 a year to almost nothing. 2k tops. Downside of it is the town in general is thuggish. This country has to gotten to be known as the place to go to get a check. It's driving th city and county poor yet they build more low income housing area is beyond me. She went about her daily business and interacted with who she needs to. She asked about what I have been doing away at work. Nothing to good lately, its been slow. She looked at it from a different perspective. You took their right to freeman away and now they are in jail. I parried that they put themselves there as consequences for their accidents. She got that. When it finally clicked in he head that a lot of thugs have very ligiment reason to hate my ass.

My efforts of telling her you need a gun to defend yourself when one day no body is around.

The parked patrol car sitting in front of the house is certainly going to stop most. Cass gone, now we have the unfriendly Mastiffs to get through, then the wife.

I started starked her to the range and she loved it. I couldn't the gun out of her hand. Probably more than thuoght you getting.

She is now carring a Sig P239-40 with Gold Dots. She also has two mag carr sparer mag to get to. I'm a happy hubby,

10-25-2012, 23:04
Sounds good to me. So what will she carry? Will she carry or just have the permit in case she wants to pack a protection device?

10-25-2012, 23:04
Just wait until she starts buying purses and firearms. :tongueout:


10-26-2012, 04:01
I started starked her to the range and she loved it,


10-26-2012, 05:35
I got asked to leave last time I starked a woman at the range...


10-26-2012, 06:13


I need to get out to the range more often!
Seems like I'm missing something.