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10-27-2012, 16:11
This is my 3rd Glock and I am losing my mind on this one. My Glock 21 - just cleaned and am attempting to reassemble the weapon. The recoil spring / guide rod will not fit. It is almost as if it is the guide rod is too long . WTF is going on? Anybody got an idea or had this happen. Have had the gun for several years, shot fine today and now this.:faint:

10-27-2012, 16:15
stock spring ?

10-27-2012, 16:18
Yes, stock spring and gun is a gen 3 with about 7oo rounds through it.

10-27-2012, 16:20
will you post pic's of the RSA ?

10-27-2012, 16:36
I have a G21SF...Gen3...Try rolling the guide rod a little each time until it fits in the front hole then push and attach to barrel notch....Some of my Glocks do this after I clean them...

10-27-2012, 16:37
Are you certain the guide rod is up on the bottom step?

10-27-2012, 18:15
Got it, the rolling motion helped a lot, thanks all.

Much Respect,