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Buckshot Barry
10-28-2012, 21:36
I didn't know there was a difference in the dimensions of the 9mm vs 357/40/45 GAP firing pin until today. From

"Are the .40 cal. firing pin and the 9mm. firing pin really different? I can't tell the difference.
Yes, the .40 cal. S&W firing pin is .015 in. longer than the 9mm firing pin."

Thought I would share a picture of the ID marks the current parts have from my 2012 19 and 23. My 2005 G17 has no mark.

SJ 40
10-28-2012, 21:54
Nice F.P. identification picture. Thanks SJ 40

10-29-2012, 16:25

10-29-2012, 16:31
And the .45/10mm has three marks.

M 7
10-29-2012, 20:17
And here I thought it was just a scratch. :supergrin: