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10-29-2012, 18:43
Came across a box of XTP 200 grain 45's and would like to load with Bullseye. Have only loaded 185 and 230's before and can't seem to find a charge rate for these. Anyone loaded any lately with Bullseye and Fed 150's?

10-29-2012, 21:01
My sixth edition Hornady manual doesn't show a load for BE with 200 grain projectiles. Be careful about the pressure curve there.

10-30-2012, 00:26
Don't know if this helps or not, but the 2011 edition of Loadbooks list a 200 gr GDHP over 5.8 of BE 1.20 OAL running 934 fps. Might be a place to start... Good luck!

10-30-2012, 08:50
USe the 200gr LSWC data as a guide & work it up.

10-30-2012, 15:41
what Fred said

F106 Fan
10-30-2012, 18:08
This thread has caused me a lot of grief over the last two days. Here why:

The data you need is on page 999 of Hornady 8th Edition. You should already have this manual. And Speer #14 and Lyman 49th. As a minimum...

In general, I side with those who are against just providing load data unless it seems that the requester has already done some of the work. So, I have been sitting this one out.

But, I am also concerned about safety and the 5.8 gr suggestion above exceeds by 0.1 gr, the max load in Hornady 8th. I don't load to max and absolutely don't load over max. It's Hornady's bullet and Hornady's book. For my money, they have the final answer.

There is also group think that is adverse to using fast powders such as Bullseye and Titegroup and I suspect some folks are staying away from this particular discussion based solely on the powder choice. It was mentioned above in talking about pressure curves. A little Bullseye goes a long way.

OTOH, Bullseye has been around for about 100 years so it has history. I use it quite a bit. But then I use 700-X and it is even faster!

Then there is the more general issue of Internet loads. Why would anybody, ever, rely on data provided by an old man with failing eyesight and dubious typing skills? Never trust an Internet load!

That said, Hornady 8th Ed page 999 shows the 200 gr HP-XTP with 5.0 - 5.7 gr of Bullseye and a COL of 1.230".

Do not rely on my typing! Buy the book:


11-01-2012, 07:07
Richard, you make exceptional sense. And I've been at this for about 60 years.