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10-30-2012, 00:30
Sometimes I'll get a call from the peanut farmers around millsap Texas. In texas feral pigs are varmints. The peanut farmers shoot them on sight a let the lay. If they have a couple of big sounders come thru they give me a call. In texas you can hunt pig at night, over bait, with a laser, and with a silencer if you have a class three lic. I do

I,got four Mexican friends that work at a custom meat locker. In their church there are always weddings, christings, wakes going on. We put up five or six of these fedder tubes in the trail can
pics I posted. In the whitetail caliber thread. I have a tripod 7 yds in the lee of the feeder, 8' off the ground.

When the pig put his heads in the 45 degree bottom of the corn feeder you noe have an excellent target for you brain shot. You have to golf ball sized lobes a process stem about the size of a large grape. That grape is the medulla oblongota.

If learn where that is in the middle if the pigs head and you can point Laser max at it every time, the 147 9mm will drop the pig like a ton of bricks. When the pig is down two to the heart just in case you missed. Shooting thru the top,of the head you can shot the largestbpigbyou want to from 7 yds out and thru top of head as long as you can hit the medulla the bigger they are the harder they are to get to a truck. Out of a big sounder you can take about six pigs a night if you just play it cool.

While my Mexican friends mop up the first slaughter (that is what this is). I check the mixed sites for action. We have taken as many as 36 in one night. All with a 147 subsonic to the medulla. We give all the meat away to the church, they distribute it to their people.

If we're not for this effort. The pigs would take the places over and tare the peanut fields to hell. In Texas it is now legal to shot pigs from choppers.

Now you know why I know so much about head shoots. I have see a lot missed up by people who wantd to try it. You got to learn the anatomy then be a good pool shot

The surpressed 9mm will not send then for off. They will come back till,they figure out is is not health. Pig
Is not dumb. The less you look and smell,like a human. The porkers coming home with you,

Did I mention the last time we were out a nights work was 36 pigs. Most sexually immature Females.

Texas I love u

Ps. In my opinion there is difference between a bonifed set up pig assasian that is 36 for 36.....not shooting then in the head but obliderating their brain stem lol

10-30-2012, 07:19
So you shoot pigs with a 9mm. Very good. I can rely on my G17 for human pigs now. :cool: