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10-31-2012, 14:33
I will admit when I first read about the gen4 problems I thought ďwhat a bunch of complainers, just shoot the damn gun and stop worrying about the ejected shells and where they landĒ . Then I found out glock was having a run on Gen3 FDE G19ís and I jumped on the first one I saw for sale. And this is what I came home with test fired 09/12, 600 rounds (150 remington UMC 115g , 450 lawman 124gr) 1 failure to extract, 1 stovepipe, 3 brass to face, countless on my right shoulder, dipped extractor, 336 ejector. I'm probably going to sell or trade-in, i regret selling my G19 made in 08. I can deal with brass hitting my shoulder and the occasional face tap. Its the failure to extract and stovepipe that are eating me up. I will make my decision after 1000 round mark, heading to the range with 200rd's of winchester ranger 127+p+ and 200rd's of 124gr american eagle. I know this for sure I will never buy a NEW GLOCK. On plus side i managed to convince a friend to sell me his G19 with LAK SR# made in 2007

10-31-2012, 15:58
I did the same thing as you, bought the G19 Gen3 thinking I'd avoid the issue. Not so. Mine had the exact same symptoms as yours. Put 1,000 rounds through it trying various types of ammo to no avail. New extractor helped for about 100 rounds, then it reverted to bad. It currently sits in Smyrna, GA awaiting some long overdue rehab. I'm hoping Glock will make it right. If yours is under warranty, why not send it back and give Glock a chance to fix it?

10-31-2012, 21:32
I'm keep my 2004 and 2006 Gen 3s.

10-31-2012, 22:08
Send it back to Glock, and see if they can get it functioning 100%.

In the meantime, pick up your friend's G19. I don't think you can go wrong there.

10-31-2012, 22:14
I just picked up a Gen 3 G19. Iíve had plenty of brass to the face. It has the 336 ejector and so does my two older Gen 3 G17's, and I canít recall ever taking brass to the face with those. I didnít think the Gen 3's were supposed to have these problems.

Roger H
10-31-2012, 22:39
My wifes GEN 3 leaves a nice pile of brass at 4 oclock got hers last december. just got another one this month will let you know when we shoot it next saturday

11-01-2012, 02:14
I also have a G19 FDE Gen3 & had similar experience to your G19. I replaced the 336 ejector with the 30274 & replaced the extractor with an Apex extractor. 500 rds so far & ejection is like it should have been (no BTF or stove pipes). Now that it appears to be working, I plan to keep mine because I like the FDE look.

Apex is coming out with an extractor optimized for the Gen3 (after more testing they determined that there was enough differences to justify a Gen3 version).

11-01-2012, 08:22
I agree

Don't give up on your 19.

Apex is getting ready to release a g3 extractor and
along with the 30274 ejector will fix the problem.

I also would grab the older 19 just to have.

11-01-2012, 21:52
To late I sold it. Also got my friends g19, and Im happy to report 250 rounds flawless. No brass to face no brass on shoulder.

11-01-2012, 22:08
To late I sold it. Also got my friends g19, and Im happy to report 250 rounds flawless. No brass to face no brass on shoulder.

Glad to hear that Glock is preforming as it should.:thumbsup: