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10-31-2012, 18:19
First, the bad news. I had a bad G30SF. The pistol spit brass in my face and failed to return to battery. The failures occurred for everyone who shot the pistol. I sent it to Glock, they replaced the RSA and some (or all) of the trigger group, and sent it back to me. I still had the same problems with the pistol, so I sent it back to Glock. They're sending me a replacement.

Thank you, Glock.

10-31-2012, 18:33
Nice maybe you will get a new Gen4 30??? I love my 30SF... not one issue with mine

Frank V
10-31-2012, 20:28
I keep hearing good things about Glock customer service.

Wait till you go to a GSSF match & have the armorers go over your Glock. They put a NY1 trigger in mine, no charge.