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11-02-2012, 18:22
Hi folks. I've lurked here for ages but finally thought I'd post. My first and primary handgun for about 15 years is my trusty old G17. Love that gun. Never failed me in over 30K rounds of practice. I can shoot this gun very well, and have supreme confidence in it and my ability to employ it.

But for a few years now I've been dabbling around with other guns, convinced that I needed something lighter and smaller for carry. I've been through a J-frame, a Ruger, and a G26. I liked them all, and each had its strong points, but I could just never reach the proficiency I have with my G17. So, I decided to do what I need to do to make my old faithful G17 my carry gun. A few new holsters, a tweak of the dress code, and I think I can pull it off well enough.

Might sound weird, but this is a relief to me. I tend to obsess a little about my confidence in what I'm carrying, and just going the extra mile in an effort to conceal my full size G17 is well worth it in terms of peace of mind.

So, this brings me to my question for any of you who carry a full size Glock (17, 22, 31). What are the best holsters you'd recommend, as well as comfortable carry methods? I'm especially interested in how the "tuckable" holsters work with a full size gun?

Thanks all.

SJ 40
11-02-2012, 18:42
I carry a G 22 everyday,I just shoot a full size better due to my big mitts. I have tried many different IWB holsters for my 22,the list is long but over a year ago tried this one.

Oh and it's made right here in the USA if that makes any difference to you. The next couple of posts will answer most any questions you may have but if not I will be glad to fill in anything I may have missed.

I have sold off all my previous holsters and still Love my Gote Gear hybrid IWB and carry in it daily,I don't even bother looking at IWB's anymore. I found Mine !
SJ 40

11-02-2012, 18:50
and it has been my only Glock and only 9mmP since 1989. I trust it very much. :cool:

11-02-2012, 18:52
The GLOCK sport/combat holster works for me. For more retention I use the Safariland ALS 6378.

John Eastwood
11-02-2012, 20:36
Funny; I have girl hands and have always found I shoot the G17 and G22 the best. The G17 has a place in my heart. It's like the original Coca-Cola formula.

11-02-2012, 21:27
The original is always the best!

11-03-2012, 04:06

I use a Comp-Tac MTAC IWB holster, which has the tuck able clips. Here is my G37 rig: