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hi-power man
11-03-2012, 09:32
I'm considering purchasing a G34 Gen 3 NIB in a LGS. I'm also thinking about FO sights. I'm going to use this unit for target shooting, not competition shooting.

The shop owner told me the G34 is known for the slide turning gray from the heat and they are extremely dirty around the front sight area.

I did a thread search and found a couple points related to slides turning gray. I've experienced the same with my G36. With a little soaking and rubbing, almost all of the gray washes away. For me the gray is no issue, it dosen't affect the pistol operation.

Concerning the "dirty" issue. The barrel is not ported, so I think the G34 should not be any dirtier around the front sight than any other glock.

Can anyone comment on their G34, without ported barrel, being dirty around the front sight ?

11-03-2012, 09:44
the soot i have found, is caused by the ammo and powder you are shooting. some powders, like Bullseye, leave the end of my 45 gray, while another powder leaves nothing.