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11-04-2012, 12:07
How good is it? How does it compare to the LE rounds like the bonded FBI load (trophy bonded bear claw or winchester ranger/Q3313), Gold Dot, Hornady TAP, Barnes TSX, etc?

This would be for a rifle that serves as HD, 'SHTF', and goes in the car for long interstate travel.

Spinoff from another thread

In terms of terminal ballistic performance the good stuff ****s all over M855, both in terms of consistency and when fired through a barrier.

I do have 440 rounds of XM855, and I recently put 130 of them through my rifle as well. I'll keep magazines loaded with it...but they won't be in the gun.

No, the "good stuff" costs more and makes people feel important if they promote or buy it. It's going really fast, has a steel core and makes holes in things. That's really good. If you think you can accomplish any more than that with a 5.56, you're kidding yourself.