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11-06-2012, 13:07
Has anyone had any issues with any glock 9mm jamming up into the barrel hood? My reloads are classic looking 124gr. rn plated bullets. My reloads are probably jamming one out of every 70. I have been loading the cartridge's over all length to saami's maximum length listed (the bullet is not contacting riflings either). Would the overall length be the likely cause for the bullet nose diving upwards into the barrel hood? My powder charge is AA no.7 somewhere in the middle of hornady's powder charge listings for 9mm. Can't remember but prob around 6.2 grains (don't quote me on that though) of powder. Also it is a gen 4 fde G19, but I just bought it a couple of months ago new, so I am pretty sure it is not one of the gen 4's with the previous guide rod issue. I also prob need to mess with all the mags to make sure it's not mag related. But if anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

11-06-2012, 13:11
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F106 Fan
11-06-2012, 14:02
You should probably post this on the Reloading forum here on GT.

That 1.169" SAAMI measurement always made me think that the manual writers who used it never tested the load.

Hornady 8th Edition shows the 124 gr FMJ-RN at 1.150". Yes, I would think that your excess length may be part of the problem.

Some bullet profiles feed better than others. There are a lot of ways to make a RN and if yours has a longer skirt and a more blunt nose, it may not run up the feed ramp as well as one with a different profile.

I would make up some dummy rounds and check to see if they feed properly by manually moving the slide.


F106 Fan
11-06-2012, 14:05
While you are at it, buy some factory 124 gr FMJ and see if they work. There are issues with late model Gen 3 and all Gen 4 9mm guns. I doubt that this failure is related but one way to find out is to see if factory ammo works.

It's also useful to see the OAL of factory ammo.


11-06-2012, 14:16
Is the issue that you mentioned with gen 4's and late gen 3's only related to guide rod assemblies or has glock made other changes that contribute to reliability?

11-06-2012, 15:15
I use 1.15" OAL with 124 RN Berry's plated. 4.8-5.2ish Unique powder. Never an issue.

11-06-2012, 15:39
Had a little trouble with Federal target 115 grn, but noticed sharp edge on in-feed ramp on barrel chamber. Just the slightest
breaking sharp edge with dremel and never again a problem.

11-06-2012, 16:00
take the barrel out of the gun and test each of your 9mm reloads in the chamber. they should chamber smoothly and should go 'plunk'....

9mm is a round that usually does not have this issue. it often happens in 40sw, however.

have you tried measuring the case dimensions of your reloads with a digital caliper... any visual sign of case bulge...

F106 Fan
11-06-2012, 16:11
Is the issue that you mentioned with gen 4's and late gen 3's only related to guide rod assemblies or has glock made other changes that contribute to reliability?

Uh, there have been many threads over the last 2 years related to Glock 9mm issues.

Most of the problems seem to revolve around poor extraction. But sometimes poor extraction is only one symptom and the 9mm RSA has been enhanced a couple of times by Glock since the Gen 4 was introduced in 2010. Initially, the RSA used too much spring weight and only very hot loads would cycle reliably. The extractor and ejector have also been exchanged.

For this particular issue with the round jamming up against the hood, I would not think that extraction has anything to do with it. I would consider OAL and bullet profile (although the profile has been used for quite a while). The real test is to try factory ammo of the same general bullet weight/type and see how it works.

It is also possible that the round is too wimpy to reliably cycle the slide.

It isn't fair to lay reload problems on Glock's doorstep. They didn't make the ammo.


SJ 40
11-06-2012, 16:33
My suggestion would be try 10 rounds seated slightly deeper,aka 1.140 to 1.150,I think you will get a more harmonious outcome. I load my 9 mm's at 1.145 with 124 gr. or 125 gr. round noses and they feed like popcorn through a goose. SJ 40

11-06-2012, 18:03
The case is resized properly with no bulges but it still isn't quite to factory ammo sizes. From what I understand typical resizing dies won't get it there without a special die that resizes the bottom of the loaded round. Not sure what it is called but my dad had to get one for his reloaded ammo to function in a lw barrel for his g34. It sounds like a lot of people are saying that their magic number col is around 1.15." I guess ill try seating a little deeper. Seated them out farther hoping for better accuracy (even though I'm not good enough to make a real difference). I bet deeper seating will fix it but we will see. I also have to test all 3 mags that came with the gun too I guess. My powder charge is not high nor low according to hornady's manual but right in the middle. Around 950 fps approx (no chrono). A middle weight charge should be enough for proper functioning right?