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View Full Version : Gen 2 magazines in Gen 3 frames .. drop free?

11-06-2012, 15:37
Has anyone used a Gen2 Glock magazine (square back/full metal/drop free) in a Gen3 frame only to find out after the last round is spent and the slide locks back the magazine will not 'drop free' upon pressing the mag release?

I have 4 early/preban Gen2 full metal mags (I live in NY) that will not drop free from 1 of my 2 Gen3 Glocks. They fail to drop free from my new G23 however they drop free as expected from my G27.

Upon close inspection i realize the 4 Gen2 G23 mags are 0.010"-0.015" thicker then late model Gen3 mags that came with the G23 ... and when moving them in/out of the G23 mag well i can feel them rubbing ever so slightly near the thumb swell in the grip/magwell...these same magazines however dont rub & drop free as expected in my G27.

Am i the only one having a problem with Gen2 mags in a Gen3 frame? do I have a 'tight' or perhaps out of specification mag well on this Gen3 Glock 23???

Thanks for any feedback/perspective