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11-07-2012, 17:25
Would you consider this gas key to be properly staked? If not, what is incorrect about the stake job that was done? Thanks!

Big Bird
11-07-2012, 17:40
The staking seems a touch too heavy. This can cause as many problems a not staked or not properly staked.

But like I always say about AR stuff...just go shoot it. If it causes problems its not a big deal to fix or replace.

Mayhem like Me
11-07-2012, 17:55
That looks fine...
the real question is are the bolts the correct head size..

11-07-2012, 18:50
The rifle runs fine. I've put about 3k rounds through it so far with no issues. This however, is my first black rifle- and with some of the threads discussing improper staking... I thought I would ask people more knowledgeable with the platform.