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Dalton Wayne
11-07-2012, 20:27
On AK's and rifles we already own, can they too be banned so that we become felons for owning one or might they be grandfathered, I' worried should I be?

California Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s Washington, D.C. “…staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF [Firearms Technology Branch/ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] legal staff to discuss a new ‘Assault Weapons Ban,” Jim Shepherd of The Shooting Wire reported yesterday, characterizing the meeting as a “rumor” based on “pretty good intelligence.”

Feinstein’s rumored bill “would ban pistol grips and "high-capacity" magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of ‘weapons in possession’" Shepherd writes.

Gun Rights Examiner has been holding on to identical information attempting to get verification, but with its publication in a prominent gun owner community venue, it becomes legitimate to share the discussion. This correspondent received an email from a source purported to be forwarded from Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which stated:

“I just heard that Sen. Feinstein’s attorney is meeting right now with folks from FTB and ATF legal (Eric Epstein [legal], Todd Martin [Legal] and Earl Griffith [FTB] and others) to discuss a new SAW ban, that she would want to start pushing through as soon as (if) Obama gets reelected.

- - No pistol grip allowed
- - No HC Mags
- - No grandfathering
- - No sale permissible if in possession

That is all I know right now

Fear Night
11-07-2012, 20:31
No grandfathering means there would be no sale allowed whatsoever, even for guns produced before the ban. Remember "pre-ban" items being sold legally back during the old AWB? pre-ban = grandfathered. That would go away.

That doesn't say anything about weapons in possession becoming illegal and us having to turn them in.

11-08-2012, 11:42
I could be wrong but I do not think Congress will pass this or the cheap hand gun ban. That means obum will have to issue a directive. I doubt he will let the current owners keep what they have.

11-08-2012, 12:56
Technically if there is no grandfathering, the Federal Government has to pay you market value for it.

11-08-2012, 13:22
Every freakin' year, Feinstein tried to push the AWB and every freakin' year it amounted to nothing.

11-08-2012, 13:25
Every freakin' year, Feinstein tried to push the AWB and every freakin' year it amounted to nothing.

Let's hope it stays this way.

11-08-2012, 13:39
Not going to happen. They can try. Best they can do is an EO because it won't pass the house.

11-08-2012, 13:51
Oh yes, talk of another round of legislation banning guns.

Gangbangers and other criminal minds are deeply worried.


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11-08-2012, 13:55
Regarding magazines, folks always assume that because the ban in '94 was mags with greater than 10-round capacity, any new restrictions would be the same..

In answer to the occasional "why have so many mgazines?" threads my response is always because you don't know what any future legislation may include.
A new law could prohibit future sales of ANY detachable magazines.

I've made it a point to acquire more than I'll need for the remainder of my lifetime.
Same for replacement parts...

11-08-2012, 14:14
Every freakin' year, Feinstein tried to push the AWB and every freakin' year it amounted to nothing.

Yeah, I remember when they tried that crap between 1994 and 2004 and it failed.

Oh wait...

11-08-2012, 14:37
Not going to happen. They can try. Best they can do is an EO because it won't pass the house.

obums executive order is all that is needed.

11-08-2012, 14:49
We'll just go to the nearest known cartel hangout to turn them in. Better yet to be in compliance, send them by USPS for general delivery.
Isn't that the way it works? Just ask Eric Holder or BATFE to walk them from our hands to the ones that will eventually destroy what's left our nation.
No muss, no fuss. Totally invincible we'd all be with an executive order to protect us. We give them up, they give them away. It's for the children............
Screw them all. But remember, it's men with guns that protect them and their families. Double standard, hypocritical bastards.

Now let me tell you how I really feel..........

11-08-2012, 15:11
Civil war.'08.

Tango 1Zero
11-08-2012, 15:16
We need a million man march with assault weapons on washington. yeah dreaming.

We do need to be more active and voice we dont need anymore bans. It only effects the honest gun owners who use these for recreation and self defence.

11-08-2012, 16:10
I just got a newsletter from the GOA, and by their stats, there are now more American households that own guns that those that don't. Their stats also shows that "assault weapons" are now the "most popular" and "most commonly owned" type of firearms, specifically the AR-15 (which was their single "most owned" firearm).

Gun owners are the majority. If all of them (us) had a spine, it would make such stupid bans tougher.

11-08-2012, 17:14
Please write your congressman or your closest pro-gun politician to express your opinion on this matter.

I wrote my congressman on the subject. As an example, here is what I wrote, you may use this or any form of this. They need to hear how we feel.

"Mr. Rigell,

First, congratulations on your win. It's too bad we couldn't do better overall but such is life.

Senator Feinstein is writing new law in regards to gun control/ban. I implore you to oppose this and encourage all in the House to oppose this intrusive law. You are our last defense in keeping our 2nd amendment rights.

Also if President Obama tries to sign an executive order in enact such a ban, please do whatever possible to block that order.

These rights are not to be removed by one man or one party.

So-called assault weapons are used in a very small percentage of crime, being used in less than one percent of gun crimes and 0.20 percent of all violent crime, and the ban in no way affected violent crime while it was law.

Thank you for taking time to read this and a reply would be nice so I know you have received my e-mail.


Also, to all you gun owners who voted for Obama. You helped bring this on us all.