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11-08-2012, 06:27
I have a few glock 19 mags that have some damage to the mag tube, but are otherwise fine. Not having any luck finding replacement mag bodies. Why? Anyone know where I can find a few cheap?

11-08-2012, 06:56
Send them to Glock....they may charge you, but they may simply repair or replace free of charge too.

SJ 40
11-08-2012, 07:10
What Butch said,Glock sells replacement followers,inserts,springs and floor plates as separate replacement s but not the magazine tube body. SJ 40

lethal tupperwa
11-08-2012, 07:19
what kind of damage?

how did it happen?

are you talking about deformity or a cosmetic scrape?

Tango 1Zero
11-08-2012, 07:34
I had a cracked G19 mag back during the ban and called Glock. I mailed it in and they replaced it free.
I expect they charge something now days.

11-08-2012, 09:55
It's cracked. Took a hard atv fall.
Anyone know why u can buy all the other parts but not the tube?

11-08-2012, 10:46
Just buy a new mag and be done with it. Or send it to Glock as Butch suggested. Springs, followers and base plates are throw away items when servicing a mag.