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11-08-2012, 16:54
FYI, those of us who have Gen1-2-3 Glocks and Advantage Arms .22LR converter kits for them. Especially those who have now added a Gen4 Glock.

The AA kits used to be interchangeable on all Glock versions. No more.

The Gen4 Glock recoil spring system is different on most model Glocks than on Gen1-2-3 Glocks.

AA has made a Gen4 .22LR kit for Gen4 Glocks. The new kit is so marked as Gen4 and works as expected.

POINT OF POST: If you use an earlier version AA kit on a Gen4 Glock, the misfitting AA recoil spring system will damage the frame plastic just ahead of the front rails. It may also damage the AA recoil spring system.

If you hunt up the AA parts site, you will find an AA Gen4 recoil spring assembly that will fit a Gen1-2-3 AA kit so that the older AA kit can be used on a Gen4 Glock.

Surprised the hell out of me too. I ordered one for an older LE19-23 kit for which I have Glock Gen2, 3, & 4 guns. By using the corresponding AA recoil spring assembly, the older kit is useable on either old or new Glocks.

11-08-2012, 22:13
It says on the box:
Went through 100 rounds of .22lr yesterday, perfection!

11-09-2012, 06:38
Yes, a kit made for Gen1,2,3 guns after Glock introduced Gen4. There is a separate Gen4 AA kit.

The point is that the earlier kits are not so marked (cause there didn't used to be a Gaston Glock product called Gen4.)

The older kits are not to be used on a Glock Gen4 without substituting the new AA Gen4 recoil spring system.

11-09-2012, 11:56
Oh yeah. I just got this last week; so the latest ones have the warning label on them.


11-09-2012, 17:08
I bought one for my Gen4's, a 22 and 34. It fits the 22 great but won't go on the slide rails of the 34. Also, the outside dimensions of the slide are slightly larger and won't fit a BladeTech holster.

11-12-2012, 14:40
This AA Gen compatibility is no joke.

I got back my Gen4 M19 from my kid that had it.

It had been fired either 100 rounds perfectly or two hundered rounds perfectly with the Gen1-2-3 AA M19-23 kit since purchasing the new Gen4 M19.

Pulling off the slide revealed the Gen1-2-3 AA kit had damaged the Gen4 Glock M19 plastic frame ahead of both front rails. When the Gen4 Glock M19 frame has the metal cast into the plastic, there is some excess flashing around the front of the front rails and two little bits that make a square about 1/32" square right in front of the rails.

Both sides had the little square broken off and hanging by the flashing. It extended down the front of the cast in metal piece inside the U of the frame on both sides about 1/5" exposing the metal corner underneath. Cleaning it up with an Exacto knife got rid of the flashing and the broken squares and made it smooth. It doesn't show unless the slide is off the pistol and doesn't appear to hurt anything, but I am glad I found this out before I shot it anymore and really FUBAR'd it up.

Just make sure you use the new Gen4 AA recoil spring sets with a Gen1-2-3 AA kit on a Gen4 Glock.

11-12-2012, 14:57
None of the above applies to the G26/27.

11-12-2012, 15:43
The reason being that the M26/27 were originally made with the dual recoil spring system that became the Gen4 in other models.

I think there are some other older Glocks that also used the dual spring system.

11-24-2012, 15:19
Nothing a surprise here.

Contacted Glock CS for grins and honestly told them what happened to this Gen4 M19. Basically tough cookies, no warranty, if I send it back along with about $200 they will send me a new frame, different serial number, to put under my old metal.

No I cannot have the old frame back to run the AA .22LR on. Destroy the old frame.

No they don't recommend using .22LR converters and it voids the warranty.

Once past the boiler plate, I asked about the plastic slide installation pieces broken off and now missing where the 9mm slide nose stops against the inside of the Glock frame forward and lower than the slide rails. Now that the metal tips are showing.

Answer was that it probably didn't actually matter. The metal 9mm slide stops against the metal, not the plastic, and the metal ends often show through after some shooting as the plastic batters off.

The issue is if the frame rails change width. Send it back for evaluation (for sure never to be seen again) or take it to a certified Glock armorer for evaluation.

I measured the frame rail pairs and found they were parrallel and within 0.003" of the exact same width.

Armorer looked at it and said while somewhat uglied up, it did not appear to make any difference if shooting it and the slide covered all the plastic missing on the front inside top of the frame extension serving as the slide stop.

Advice was to shoot it and monitor the frame rail width. As long as nothing changed, what the hell, its just a Glock. Shoot it and forget it.

So I put another 400 rounds of 9mm and a brick of .22LR through it with no change using the correct AA Gen4 recoil spring with the old slide assembly. (Correctly done per AA)

Armorer said this is not the first f'd up one he had seen by AA kits, but most people won't admit what they did.

(The CS guy at Glock said it was a novel problem as no one had previously admitted to him what they had done wrong to generate this type of damage.)

I had told him the simple truth since a gun wasn't worth lying over.

Still feel kinda stupid.

Obviously not a Glock problem and not an AA problem. It just never crossed my mind. It is still a hoot that the hundred rounds I shot chewing up the Gen4 frame was the first and only time that AA kit ever ran 100 rounds straight.

11-25-2012, 00:01
Dumb question... can you install aftermarket sights on the conversion kits. I'm interested in buying a kit for my 17 and matching the sights to the same ones I use for USPSA.

11-25-2012, 07:25
AA uses real Glock sights, front and rear. Adjustable ones come on the kits. I don't like the adjustable one's sight picture so I just install standard Glock rear sights instead, the fixed ones.

Any "Glock" sight should fit the rear dovetail.