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11-08-2012, 23:33
Well, I picked up a Gen 1 a couple of weeks ago. I kind of wanted to confirm some hunches and ask a quick question, and I offer a few pictures as penance for your time.

"Hanna" (you can see the engraving on the slide picture) has a prefix code (DM5XX) that dates her to 1988. Its got the larger/modern slide cutout for the slide stop, and has black internals that look like the updated parts just blackened. Am I correct to assume that she went back to Glock to get the upgrades? Any idea what years they would have used the new style/black parts?

Also, this may be a stupid question, but can I drop in the Gen 3 RSA to shoot with? I have the non-captured set up, and it still feels plenty strong, but I'm going to replace the spring since I plan on shooting this thing a lot.

One note on the pictures, the exterior is very worn, but internally it looks pretty gently used. It still has copper grease in the rails, also. The guy I got it from had it for a long time and barely shot it. He just had it in one of his truck's map pockets with a clip draw. Anyhow, thanks for any and all info.




11-09-2012, 00:00
oh and the date stamp on the barrel is VTT and it has the eagle and NPV deal on it.

11-09-2012, 09:30

Yes, definitely replace the recoil spring assembly with a new captured unit!

VTT shows Hanna was made in November of 1988!

Also, the early upgrade parts were indeed dark colored, and looking at the trigger bar in your pics, it does have the upgrade version. I'd say it's good to go with a new RSA.

Nice find, I expect you'll love it, I've always preferred the Gen1's.

11-09-2012, 09:42
Here's my first, favorite, and most used one. I bought it new in May of 86, serial prefix AP, and as you can see, it has bike tire inner tube slices on the grip.


11-09-2012, 11:41
Thanks for the info.

I am looking forward to swapping in an RSA and some hackathorn sights.