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Big Dog Dad
11-11-2012, 17:01
Let me explain my problem and maybe someone can guide me in the right direction. I work for a DOE subcontractor and have a genetic medical problem consisting of spinal scoliosis, central nerve canal narrowing, and two fractured lumbar disks. Last year this problem occurred and I was off work and on disability for six months before my PCP, physical therapist, and spinal surgeon released me to return to work. Metlife was the disability management contractor. There was never any problem with medical disability coverage.

This year in March, I had a reoccurrence of this problem. I couldnít walk, stand, sit, or climb stairs except for very, very short periods. Again I was placed on medical disability. The problem is that the new disability management contactor is Aon Hewitt Management. Early in May, I received a letter that stated that someone 1,000 miles away decided that I was no longer disabled and could no longer receive benefits. She/he never saw me and even though my PCP, physical therapist, and back surgeon supplied statements that I was still disabled, well too bad. I did some investigating and found that Hewitt Associates is very well known for this practice. Their profit is derived from the monies they save companies by removing people from disability. Their thought is that people will go back to work whether they can or not just to survive and they can wait them out. My employer kept me on my salary until August 11th when I got a call that my salary was being suspended. I have since filed two appeals with Hewitt. The first was rejected stating that they did not receive required information from my PCP. The second appeal is still pending. My PCP, physical therapist and back surgeon have faxed all the info they requested many times. I was released by my PCP to return to work last Monday and since had many meetings with my employer on how Iím going to repay my salary extension.

I have worked for this company for 42 years and this is how people are being treated in todayís environment. Many, many generations can continue receiving welfare benefits without ever having worked a day in their lives, but I am getting harassed. If my second appeal is denied, I was advised to seek a lawyer and make this a legal matter. My question to you folks is, does anyone know or recommend a lawyer in the Pittsburgh area that specializes in this matter? Does anyone have any other recommendations or suggestions on this that I should do?


true believer
11-11-2012, 19:18
look in phone book and find 3 lawyers who special in work man's comp and disability matters..make 3 apts and deside..
if your still hurting why would your pcp release you?
good luck..

Big Dog Dad
11-12-2012, 13:24
I convinced my PCP that I had to return to work to financially survive. It's better, but not 100%. Any other help- Please!!


11-12-2012, 13:36
Best of luck to you. You say your condition is genetic--is it related to your work at all, or would it have happened no matter what you do for a living?

11-12-2012, 13:39
get a lawyer.

Bruce M
11-12-2012, 13:54
Maybe your back surgeon, therapist or primary care physician could point you towards a lawyer.

11-12-2012, 15:24
I PM'ed you , take it for what it's worth.........!

Big Dog Dad
11-12-2012, 16:21
Best of luck to you. You say your condition is genetic--is it related to your work at all, or would it have happened no matter what you do for a living?

It's a genetic condition totally unrelated to work. I just don't understand how someone many states away can diagnose my condition better than my own doctor. Welcome to America!