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11-13-2012, 22:44
And how's it working for you? Round count, etc.

Likes, dislikes? Anything of note?

Thanks for sharing. :wavey:

11-13-2012, 22:58
I do!
It is my every day carry. Not too many rounds through it, 100 plus. I got the G32 Gen4 to replace my G32 Gen3 that I had carried for about three years. I have a G19 Gen4 set up the same way as the 32 (Glock night sights, smooth faced trigger) as a practice gun. Probably 500-800 rds through that one. I definitely like the Gen4’s, the stronger recoil spring was good for the.40’s and .357’s.

11-14-2012, 04:49
great gun,i just got a g3 33 to go with it,if you dont have one get one.:wavey:

g4 19
g4 26
g4 32
g3 33