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11-14-2012, 01:10
Well for some reason I have the 1911 itch. I grew up shooting my Dad's old Colt but I have never owned one of my own. Every one Ive ever picked up just did not feel right in my paws, so Ive always went back to plastic. I grew up 5 mins from the Remington Arms Plant in Ilion, NY and have been shooting Rem rifles and shotguns pretty much my whole life. I still to this day have a few buddies of mine that are still employed at the plant, so I figured my first 1911 I was going to try and support the home town boys. Does anyone have any concerns about this gun? Positives/negatives? Are all stock 1911's pretty much the same?? I know they are basically the AR-15 of the pistol platform with all the mods that can be done.

Also, can anyone recommend good aftermarket grips that would fatten the grip up a little? I LOVE the way the slip on Hogue feels on my Glocks, fits my hand perfect. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!

11-14-2012, 01:11
Oh and I dont need a $1500 gun with all the upgrades, just want something thats gonna go bang when I pull the trigger.. aka. not finnicky with what I feed her.. Would an R1 fit the bill?

11-14-2012, 03:39
The R1 is about as hot as your current avatar. :faint:

Slim Alumagrips are VERY thin & flat. Very affordable at about &60
You would need a set of slim bushings & screws as well, another $15

11-14-2012, 07:43
Being a Remington rifle/shotgun guy won;t talk you out of a R1.

Here's my MetroArms American Classic Commander wearing VZ frag grips;

VZ offers a lot of grip styles. MA made in the Philippines..tight and shoots it while wasting my life away waiting on a Ruger SR1911. Same song, second verse on S&W Shield 9.


Jason D
11-14-2012, 18:00
I wish Remington would have come out with their R1 several years ago. I may have solved a gun headache I am still working on. I love my R1. It's just the standard model, but it's a well put together firearm that's plenty accurate whist being 100% reliable.

While mine still has the original grips on it. I have found myself liking the double diamond rubber Hogues. I have several pair of those. They are just aggressive enough be be grippy without having the tack some rubber grips get. You can get them for about 12 bucks a pair.

11-14-2012, 18:08
I just got a two-tone R1 and love it. Looks good with the stainless slide and black oxide frame. Getting some new grips and a straight trigger for it :-)

I found some more rat hole money and got a Citadel 1911 to use as my new truck gun. Paid $499 at Academy.

11-14-2012, 18:11
The R1 is a great choice.

happy seal
11-14-2012, 19:56
I saw one for the first time Monday. Finish and fit was good, balance was excellent, trigger felt a little better than good. He wanted 739 for it new.

11-14-2012, 22:33
Thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate. I think Im gonna bite the bullet and pick one up here in the next couple weeks, gonna give my boys back home a call and see if I can get a deal.. I notice they offer a few different models on their sight, kind of leaning towards the stainless slide.. Like I said, only things I would be doing is putting on a set of fatter grips and adding night sights.. Dont need anything too fancy..

11-14-2012, 22:52
I have an R1. It's OK. Series 80 trigger action.

I also own a RIA GI spec 1911 in .45acp. Series 70 trigger action, IMO smoother than the R1 trigger.

RIA sells for around $450. Spend the difference on ammo...:wavey:

11-15-2012, 19:58
Ok best 1911 for under $800. Go!!

11-15-2012, 20:07
Stick with the R1, once, cry once.

11-15-2012, 20:14
I really like this one and the price seems to be right in my wheelhouse..

11-15-2012, 20:21
1st stainless R1 I have seen a picture of,.....I like it!

11-15-2012, 20:24
I like this one too. Would the only differnce between these 2 guns be the color?

11-15-2012, 20:33
One is stainless, one is carbon steel

11-15-2012, 20:36
My local shop was trying to sell an r1 used with the idiot mark for 700.