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11-14-2012, 10:23
Hi, new poster here. Is it possible to order a brand-new Glock 17 with a Glock 9 mm frame but mated with an Advantage Arms 22 cal. slide? The idea is for a newbie to start out practicing with a .22 then graduate later on to a 9mm, at which point I buy the 9 mm slide. Hopefully, I can save a few bucks vs. buying 2 pistols all at once, plus I like the ability to switch back and forth between 2 calibers using the same grip and other handling features. Where would I find sellers for this combo?

Thanks for any info


11-14-2012, 10:28
No. Glock doesn't make the AA kit. You have to buy it aftermarket.

SJ 40
11-14-2012, 11:18
Stolenphoto is correct,you will need both a G 17 and a AA G17/22 conversion kit.
The only option would be to try to find a dedicated G 17 conversion,someone is selling in either GT classifieds or one of the gun auction sites.
Just a bit of advice,if you locate a dedicated conversion for sale go out and directly buy a lottery ticket. It would indeed be your Lucky day. SJ 40

11-14-2012, 18:31
You are not the only one who wishes for that which is not.

Real world:

Glock makes pistols in 9mm. You buy one complete.

Advantage Arms makes .22LR conversion units. You buy a complete kit.

Then you can take your frame and put the 9mm or the .22LR on top at your convenience.

Make sure your AA kit matches your Glock.

Gen1-3 Glocks need the original style slide and kit.

Gen4 Glocks need the Gen4 AA kit.

11-25-2012, 16:46
Hi There are sellers on gun who are selling an AA kit with a g17 lower Gen2 & gen3's) all ready installed .

Later on you could buy an upper for the frame in either 9mm or 40 as both will fit the 17's frame just make sure you mate the right gen to the lower :wavey:
Oh you can also get mag's their too for the AA kit!

I went a diffrent route and bought them seprately as I found a good deal on both parts....on gun broker :wow: