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11-15-2012, 15:50
When you put in a conversion barrel say 40 to 9 mm or put a new barrel in like a 40 to a 357 sig. How does the sights align up for the conversion or new barrel?

Do you need to adjust the sight every time or are the shooting p.o.a.

Barry Anderson
11-15-2012, 16:27
I have used a LW 40-9 in a 23 and 27 and have had no problems. If anything, for me, they may be a little more accurate.

Bruce M
11-15-2012, 16:28
I switch barrels in a P226 and manage fine without touching the sights FWIW.

SJ 40
11-15-2012, 17:09
No changes needed for my self. SJ 40

11-15-2012, 20:36
My 40-9 has no issues. Just as accurate.

11-15-2012, 20:57
I've been running a Lone Wolf 40/9 conversion barrel in my
2nd Gen. Glock 23 for the past 6 years. The g23 was my daily carry LEO pistol so all my practice is at combat distances of 6-10 yards. Either barrel is more accurate then I am so I never noticed any differance between the 2 barrels.

11-15-2012, 21:02
G27 with six barrels in three lengths, finishes and calibers.
I have shot all three calibers in one range session easily.
They all shoot POA.

1) Glock OEM G27 40 Fail Zero
2) Glock OEM G33 357
3) Storm Lake G27 40-9mm
4) Storm Lake G23 40-9mm
5) Storm Lake G23 40
6) Storm Lake G27 Extended Double Ported 357 Isonite QPQ

11-15-2012, 21:44
hmmm....when i shoot my 32c with the 357 oem 'c' barrel, at 7 yds when i set the bullseye right on top of my front sight, i make dead center shots each time

....but when i pop in my non-ported storm lake 9mm conversion barrel, i have to shoot with a 6 oclock hold to hit the if i remember correctly from my last range trip, the bottom of the 9 ring is right on my front sight....

11-16-2012, 05:12
the sights may be different between 357 SiG and 9mm or .40 S&W (my Trijicons are different)...when I replaced the plastic GLOCK sights on my G23 with Trijicon night sights I went with the sights for a G32 as my preferred barrel for some time now has been the 357 SiG barrel... least from Trijicon on their standard night sights...the G32 sights are different than those for the 9mm/.40 S&W...

...this seems to be the same for sights for at least some other manufacturers similar pistol but these different caliber...SiG P226 for example...


11-16-2012, 11:56
I use a LWD 40-9 in my G22 and the POA is generally the same. It's actually a little more accurate with 9mm instead of .40 S&W.

11-16-2012, 13:23
I have a 3rd Gen G32 that I bought SL 40 & 9mm bbls for. It works 100% & at least to 15yds, sights are close enough for SD work.