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View Full Version : HS-6 for 9mm, 357 Sig and 40 S&W?

11-20-2012, 21:50
I currently use AA #7 for 9mm, AA #9 for 357 Sig and 800-X for 40 S&W.

Anyone have any comments regarding using HS-6 for all three loads?

Dan in ABQ

11-20-2012, 22:02
Anyone have any comments regarding using HS-6 for all three loads?

Nope. I will just say power pistol would work very well for all 3, especially if you load at the top end.

11-20-2012, 22:06
I like HS-6 quite a bit. It's my primary powder for full power .45 Colt loads. I've also used it successfully in 9mm and .45 ACP. I'm yet try it with .40 S&W, but I'm sure it would yield equally satisfactory results.

I, however, have pretty much standardized on HP-38 as my go to powder for my service caliber pistols. For target ammo I can achieve similar an equally satisfactory results while using 1/3 or so less powder with HP-38.

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11-20-2012, 22:10
HS6 is a common powder for Max loads and beyond in 9mm.

11-21-2012, 04:35
I've used HS6 some in 9mm and 40. It's almost a tossup for me to choose HS6 over Power Pistol, though. For just shooting targets I can't tell a difference.

11-21-2012, 07:19

I am a big fan of HS6, although given the calibers you mentioned I can only speak to the 9mm (I don't own a 357 sig/.40).

I have used this powder to develop loads for 9mm using 115g/124g FMJ RN bullets for target use, also using the 124g XTP bullet. Very nice results.

As far as the other powders, I have not used them.

11-21-2012, 13:21
After testing perhaps-dozens of powders in my 357SIGs, HS-6 is the ONLY powder I use in it; its volumetric efficiency and burning rate are JUST right for high-velocity loads with the LONG Barnes TAC-XP 125g. all-copper bullets.


Also, its muzzleflash, an important consideration for PD cartridges, is virtually nonexistant compared with that of most of the other powders mentioned. See




for details.

(THIS muzzleflash was NOT created with HS-6!)

11-22-2012, 13:25
I've used hs-6 in all those calibers. Makes some good medium and hot 9mm and .40 loads. Good lower mid range for .357 mag. Haven't loaded for 357 sig yet. Based on its properties I'm sure it would be a good match for .357 sig. It's accurate and burns clean in everything I've loaded with it.