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11-25-2012, 09:42
Yesterday when I was sorting ammo, I found about 20-30 rounds of this federal .223 with an unusual bullet. I'd like to know what it is, but I don't have a box.

The case is nickel
The bullet is a uniform dark gray
The headstamp is FC 223 REM

It may be a tactical or law enforcement specialty load.

I can't find anything that looks like this on federal ammunition's web site. I am sure this is factory ammo.

Anybody got a clue?

11-25-2012, 09:59
American Eagle 55grn JHP in a nickel case.


11-25-2012, 10:28
American Eagle 55grn JHP in a nickel case.


So what's with the dark gray bullet? It looks lighter in the picture, due to reflection, but in real life the bullets are all evenly the color of lead or darker, like a moly coated bullet or something.

11-25-2012, 10:52
American Eagle 55grn Vampire Killers. They were a limited run loading during the Vampire scare of 2008. They are equally effective against Werewolves.

11-25-2012, 12:47
don't forget the Space aliens.

11-25-2012, 14:50
Im pretty sure that is Federals Tactical Bonded load. Most likely the 55 grain bonded JSP load LE223T3 I believe.

11-25-2012, 18:41