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11-25-2012, 17:38
I recently bought a G-Code OSH holster. They are advertised as being "IDPA Legal," but being new to the sport I have my doubts about this holster. I was hoping there might be someone on here who could help me out.

I'm worried about the gap between my body and the gun at the top of the holster. I know I know, eat some more and this won't be a problem :tongueout:, well for the time being I'm stuck being 170lbs and 6'1" and it probably won't change any time soon. My concern is with the following rule:

"I. Must hold the firearm positioned on the body so an object of
¾”width cannot pass between the shooter’s body and the inside
of the firearm when the shooter is standing straight and

As you can see in the above image, at the top of the holster a 3/4" object can pass between my body and the sidearm.

Will this holster pass inspection, or should I send it back for a refund? Thanks!

Nowhere Man
11-25-2012, 18:09
Checking the 2012 IDPA National Championship Equipment Survey shows two shooters using the G-Code OSH holster for the match. If it was OK for them, I'd guess it's OK for you.


11-25-2012, 18:17
The holster is completely vertical. I would not give you any issues. If it was canted away from your body and a 3/4 inch item could pass I would likely give the shooter some troubles but completely vertical relative to the ground what more can you ask.

If you cant it in towards your body then the muzzle would flair away from your body which would not be a negative for concealed carry which the intent of the rules are loosely based on.

If they give you a hard time threaten you will sue under discrimination as it would certainly be legal for a woman. :tongueout:

11-25-2012, 22:26
I swapped out the belt attachment for the paddle, and it definitely sits closer now. However, if you think the belt attachment is okay I will use that at my first match next month. I find the belt attachment to be more comfortable, and if they have a problem with how it sits I can swap it out for the paddle.

12-02-2012, 11:07
I think the real problem is lack of tactical padding around the midsection. EAT MORE!!!!! :)

My opinion is it would be legal but my opinion and $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee.

The best bet is to take the holster set up as in the first picture to the match and have the Match Director look at it. Bring the paddle and any tools you need to change it out just in case the Match Directors says it is not legal.

Good Luck.

12-02-2012, 11:25
I sent it back. Picked up Comp-Tac gear.

I'm a lot happier with the build quality from Comp-Tac. The Comp-Tac double mag carrier is leaps and bounds better in terms of features, fit, and quality. The G-Code double mag carrier I could never get the retention adjusted properly. The Comp-Tac has individual adjustment for each mag, which is awesome.

The Comp-Tac gun holster is also a better fit. The main thing I liked about the G-Code OSH holster was the modular attachment options (cant adjustment, belt/paddle/RTI/etc.), but I didn't care for the fit with any of them. The holster is for IDPA use, but I still want the best fit possible for comfort and performance.

I'm 30 now. The tactical padding has been slow in the making. Maybe some day ...

12-02-2012, 16:16
I don't have a Comp-tac, but I have always heard good things about their holsters. Good Luck. I like my sidearmor. As always personal preference is a big deal. As for the tactical padding I have some great suggestions for this time of year. Start with lots of places to go for Thanksgiving. Continue with multiple stops at Christmas preferably spread over a couple of weeks. Eat lots of sweets and remember to bring some home. Have a wife that likes to cook. Have a kid that likes to eat but runs everywhere and burns more fat off in his sleep than I would on a treadmill. Have a desk job that takes about 12 hours a day. Follow these easy steps and repeat often. Tactical padding will appear like magic. Remember no exercise.

Have fun with IDPA.