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11-26-2012, 13:28

11-26-2012, 13:29
Christmas Vacation

11-26-2012, 13:44
George C Scott's portrayal of Scrooge is right up there.

SC Tiger
11-26-2012, 13:49
A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation are my two favorites.

That said, weren't the first two "Die Hard" movies set at Christmas?

11-26-2012, 13:50
A Christmas Story. Some scenes are funny (I am old), but I love how Ralphie was dying to get the Red Ryder, and his dad said "Hey, that's funny. What's that thing behind the desk....." Classic, what a pop :)

A Christmas Story- The Greatest Gift - YouTube

John Galt
11-26-2012, 14:03
A Christmas Story.

Deck the harrs with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.

:rofl: :rofl:

11-26-2012, 14:05
Christmas Vacation

PBR Sailor
11-26-2012, 14:05
Donovan's Reef

11-26-2012, 14:06
A Christmas Story is far and away my favorite. The narrator is perfect.

11-26-2012, 14:08
....But one movie that is very popular, I just don't get - A Christmas Story. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but I don't even crack a smile.....
Probably not going to go over well on GT....commie!:wavey:

NH Trucker
11-26-2012, 14:13
The Ref

The Ref (1994) Fan Trailer - YouTube

11-26-2012, 14:16
A Christmas Story is far and away my favorite. The narrator is perfect.

The narrator is Jean Shepherd who wrote the book that the movie was based on. The book is In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash. It is hilarious.

Oh, and Christmas Story is also my favorite Christmas movie.

Followed closely by:

It's A Wonderful Life
Christmas Vacation

11-26-2012, 14:16
The Santa Clause with Tim Allen.

11-26-2012, 14:16
Don't forget "Lethal Weapon" was a Christmas movie.

11-26-2012, 14:21
1. It's a Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stewart)
2. The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant, Loretta Young)
3. The Man Who Came to Dinner (Monty Woolley, Bette Davis)
4. Miracle on 34th Street (Natalie Wood)
5. A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)
6. A Christmas Story (Red Ryder BB Gun)
7. Home Alone Macauley Culkin)
8. The Sant Clause (Tim Allen)
9. Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase)

The old movies are the best...Hollywood just doesn't know how to make these 'gems' anymore.

11-26-2012, 14:23
1. Christmas Vacation

2. It's A Wonderful Life

3. Christmas Carol 1951 with Alastair Sims

11-26-2012, 14:38

11-26-2012, 14:47

11-26-2012, 14:50
It's a tough call between National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

11-26-2012, 14:54
Die Hard

11-26-2012, 15:50
Lethal weapon

11-26-2012, 15:57
Christmas Vacation is a family favorite!

It's a Wonderful Life (Donna Reed was an absolutely beautiful woman!!!)

11-26-2012, 16:12
Donovan's Reef

Forgot all about this one!
John Wayne and Lee Marvin having fun with each other,fun movie to watch.

The Movie was filmed on Kaui,Hawaii,my father could name some of the Extras in the movie!


Bruce M
11-26-2012, 16:40
Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life and not exactly a full length movie, but a nice story and wondeful music - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Ghosts of Christmas Eve


11-26-2012, 16:47
In no particular order:

-Santa Clause with Dudley Moore
-The old claymation stuff
-A Christmas Story
-My new favorite is The Polar Express

Discalimer: I've never seen Miracle on 34th or It's a wondeful life, and my other confession is I really like all of them that I have seen... Christmas is my favorite time of year, not just the day but the season..

11-26-2012, 16:54
Donovan's Reef


deputy tom
11-26-2012, 17:05
White Christmas (1954). tom.:reindeer:

11-26-2012, 17:07
1. A Christmas Story
2. Christmas Vacation
3. It's A Wonderful Life

11-26-2012, 17:09
Miracle on 34th Street, black and white version followed by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Angry Fist
11-26-2012, 17:21

All I want for christmas Santa is 2 fat *****es and a bag 'o weed. Naw, make that 2 fat *****es that taste like cheeseburgers so Chico can lick 'em.


11-26-2012, 17:23
George C Scott's portrayal of Scrooge is right up there.

Spot on

It just ain't Christmas without 24 hours of a Christmas Story. That's one movie you love or you hate--don't know many on the fence.

11-26-2012, 17:32
My favorite is probably Elf. That movie just cracks me up.